Will Eskom leave us in the dark?

Can South Africans expect to be left in the dark on Thursday, June 14, as the National Union of Mineworkers (NUMA) and the National Union of Metalworkers (Numsa) plan a mass protest?

It was initially reported the two unions would orchestrate a one-day shutdown at Eskom. This comes after the 0% salary increase, which workers feel is unacceptable. The unions are demanding a 15% increasing, a housing allowance increase and the banning of labour brokers.

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Will Eskom be leaving us in the dark?


With the expected strike, rumours are circulating that South Africans can expect power cuts. These rumours are being spread through voice messages, Whatsapp messages and other social media platforms.

However, Eskom claims these rumours are entirely false. While workers will down tools on June 14, contingency plans are apparently activated to ensure there will not be a shortage of electricity.

Furthermore, many of its staff are not allowed to participate in the strike because it is deemed they provide essential services.

While Eskom management claims it sympathises with its staff, it claims a salary increase cannot be initiated at present. This is due to financial constraints which the company is facing.

It goes without saying, Eskom is on shaky legs as it is, expecting them to now incur an even larger salary bill is simply near-sighted. Staff need to understanding that if you demand to much, you could cost yourself everything.

Newcastillians are urged to remain calm during the protest action.

What are your thoughts on the one-day shutdown? Do you feel the workers are justified in downing tools for not receiving an increase? Or do you feel they should be satisfied with their current income? Leave your comments below.

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