Vintage cars capture Newcastillians hearts

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Car enthusiasts flocked to Majuba Lodge on Saturday, April 13, to enjoy a car show that captivated the hearts of young and old alike.

The Old Hooters Club hosted its 40th anniversary on Saturday, where the public could admire approximately an amazing 45 vintage cars.

Automobiles that have stood the test of time and resonate the class and style we link to bygone days.

Eddie Honeyball, a member of the Old Hooters Club explains the club was established on 18 June 1979.

Eddie Honeyball with his 1987 Porche Targa.

The Old Hooters Club was established by Louw Bornman, Christo Davidson, Dave Mynhardt, Pieter Theron, Doctor Cliff Norde, Joe Koekemoer, Eric Bonthuys, as well as Terry and Christine Botha. Their mission to unite like-minded people and to ensure classic cars are never forgotten but are rather loved and appreciated.

“It is a club for people that are interested in classic and vintage cars. We have our social meetings every Friday and arrange outings and shows once a month,” says Eddie.

With spectacular cars on display, good camaraderie and an air of delight, the event proved to be a truly enjoyable event for one and all.

Vos Vosloo stands by his 1970 Valiant Regal.
Vidhaan, Dhrithi, Hridhay, Dhrithi and Krishnaall enjoy the day.
Joe Mitchell with his 1967 Renault R10 Alconi.
Johannes van Vuuren next to his 1978 Peugeot 404.
Jannue Landman, Eric Bonthuys, Louw Bornman and Jannie Bonthuys.
Stuart Meikle-Braes with little Jordan.
Gert, Roald and Marlize Dekker.
Jennifer and Dieter Wichmann with Dave and Sue Kaye.
Krish Sheoprasad with his 1959 Zodiac.
Residents admiring an old Dodge.
JP Helm and Liz-Marie Hanekom.
Glen Topham with his 1932 De Soto.
Boet Buys and his trusted 1960 Woleseley 1660.
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  • 18th May 2019 at 10:58 pm

    I need 1 of the cars for my weeding in September at Imbizo conference centre at Mpangeni I like Mr Glen Topham 1932 De soto can you please help me to get his contact details


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