Update: Four suspects arrested for kidnapping the 3 girls

Nothing can strike more fear into a parent’s heart, than knowing their children have been kidnapped and are at the mercy of gun-wielding strangers.

Yet, this is what happened yesterday morning, May 21, when three young girls were kidnapped after a hijacking in Madadeni. The three girls aged six, nine and 11 were in the vehicle with three adults and three other children at the time of the incident.

The driver, a family member, was driving when men started waving at him to show there was something wrong with the car’s one tyre. Concerned, he stopped the car to check and it was then that the suspects attacked.

They managed to pull him away from the vehicle, while the other passengers scrambled out the car. The three girls were not so fortunate. They were then driven away in the car, which their family member had been driving. Their destination and safety unknown.

However, social media went ablaze with an image of the missing girls. The community uniting as one in the search for the girls. The search for the girls came to an end last night, with the girls been safe and uninjured.

kidnapped, Newcastle
The three girls photo was circulated within minutes of their kidnapping.


A joint operation led by the Newcastle Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit Commander, Nagesh Moothilal, the Newcastle K9 Unit and Madadeni Detective Unit, saw the perpetrators tracked down.

The law enforcement team found the children at a house in Inverness Place, oSizweni. A total of four men were arrested at the scene and the hijacked vehicle was recovered.

The suspects are to appear in court for charges of hijacking, kidnapping, human trafficking and possession of an unlicensed firearm.


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