Solidariteit Helpende Hand extends a helping hand to bully victims

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Bullying is unfortunately an aspect of life many children endure on a regular basis. However, there are those who refuse to remain silent about the scourge which plagues so many of our children.

The Newcastle branch of Solidariteit Helpende Hand held an event on Friday night, March 1, where the issue of bullying was faced head-on.

Peet Liebenberg, the chairman of the Newcastle branch, explains the anti-bullying campaign began earlier this past week, with Leandi Bräsler of AfriForum coming to town

“Over the past two days, Leandie visited various schools in Newcastle, speaking to learners about bullying. She is now going to convey her message with parents as well.”

Hannes Noëth, director of Solidariteit Helpende Hand also attended the event, introducing the community to the organisation and explaining its functions and duties.

While the event focused on the seriousness of bullying, popular musician, Rocco de Villiers added a delightful and light-hearted touch to the event.

“We decided to get Rocco because he experienced bullying and he understands the atmosphere and dynamics of the event,” says Liebenberg.

With Rocco’s musical talent, alongside the two guest speakers, the event proved to be both educational and entertaining. Ensuring guests kicked off the weekend on the right foot.

Riekie Lubbe and Isabel Meyer.
Yvonne Meiring and Lorette Botha.
Lizelle Coetzer, Marisca van Rensburg and Bertie Meiring.
Clary van Rooyen, Jana Grobler and Yvette Haarhoff.
Mari-Louis de Meyer, Sonja van Rooyen, Ansa Greuning and Amanda de Meyer.
Teresa and Cornelius Möller.
Bianca Nel and Johan van Niekerk.
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