Second round of Hack Attack Golf League tees off

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Under cool weather conditions, golf enthusiasts took to the fairway at Newcastle Golf Club on Sunday, March 3. Ready to take on the second round of the Hack Attack Golf League.

The Hack Attack Golf League is a league like no other, ushering in a new era of the sport. With the first round taking place on February 3 at Kilbarchan Golf Course, participants were eager to take to the fairways.

The main aim to promote the sport of golf and camaraderie, giving golf enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy the social and sports-related aspects of the popular pastime.

Gert Lindeque receives the Purple Cap for leading the Hack Attack League this month.
The top 10 players of the day are:
  • Gert Lindeque, who also receives the Purple Cap for Leader of the League for the month of march.
  • Peet du Bruyn
  • Bennie van Vuuren
  • Iewan Tseng
  • Albert Brits
  • Tyron Roux
  • Andy Charters
  • Lukas Pawson
  • Riaan Kleynhans
  • Myles Masson

Adding a humorous touch to the day, Dehàn Bezuidenhout was awarded the Pink Cap for the longest golf game of the day.

Dehàn Bezuidenhout takes home the Pink Cap.

The Hack Attack Golf League takes place once a month, which is usually the first Sunday of the month. Unlike many other leagues, the venue also changes every month between Newcastle Golf Club, Kilbarchan Golf Club and Vulintaba.

Each player pays a certain amount of money for each game. These monies will then go towards the funds for the winner of the day, while a certain percentage will go towards the club’s funds.

There will also be a membership fee, which will cover the players’ shirts and caps. Golfers don’t have to be an affiliated golf member to join the league or to play.

For more information on how to join the league, contact:

President of Hack Attack Social League, Almero Roux: 072 117 2903

Vice-President, Jarryd Bach: 076 463 8619

Club Captain, Bryan Boardman: 072 290 1501

Treasurer, Bennie van Vuuren: 071 866 6082.

The next round of the league will take place on April 7 at Vulintaba Golf Course.

Calvin Greensdale, Gert Lindeque, Tyron Roux and Luka Pawson.
Gert Lindeque watches his ball soar down the fairway.
Calvin Greensdale tees off.
Lukas Pawson shows how it is done.
Tyron Roux teeing off.
Iewan Tsen, Craig Elliot, Myles Massyn and Dean Massyn.
Matthew Bach, Mike Millin and Bryan Boardman.
Matthew Bach putting.
Bryan Boardman putts under the watchful eye of Mike Millin.
Mike Millin in action.
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