Scores of Amur falcons left battered after massive hailstorm

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For years, Amur Falcons have called Newcastle their home. Scores of the beautiful predatory birds taking to the Newcastle skies on a regular basis at the Newcastle Show Grounds.

Yet, their blissful existence came to a shattering end with the massive hailstorm on March 22. The hail wreaking carnage through the town of Newcastle.

Angus Burns explains after the hailstorm hit Newcastle, he contacted Sylva France, a recognised bird rehabilitator. “When we got there, hundreds of birds were dead, hurt or seriously concussed.”

Burns immediately contacted Newcastle 911 and others, he and Sylva were then able to put a team together to assist the injured birds.

“The SPCA is involved and the injured birds are receiving treatment at Sylva’s house,” says Burns.

The carcasses of the dead birds were removed.

Hail stones that belted falcons.

FreeMe Wild Life Rehabilitation Centre is also assisting at the time.

This is the second incident of Amur Falcons being negatively impacted by hail.

Two weeks ago, 1 000 Falcons were left battered after hail in Mooi River. More than 1 000 falcons were transported in bakkies and trailers to the Howick-based rehabilitation centre. While 1 090 were treated, another 713 were killed.

Amur Falcons migrated from the Amur River between Russia and China, making them a remarkable sight in KZN.

As Newcastillians repair damages from last night’s storm, what is the weather forecast for the remainder of the weekend?

According to Weather SA, Newcastillians can expect a wet weekend with sporadic rainfall and thunderstorms.

During this time, motorists are encouraged to practice caution when driving.

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