Phoenix dominates cricket pitch against Highlands

Walking onto the cricket pitch, two batsmen brace themselves for a match of epic proportions.

The pressure of being back at work vanishes in an instant. Nothing else matters. Nothing except them, the bowler and taking home the victory.

On Tuesday, January 8, Phoenix Cricket Club played against Highlands Cricket Club at Paradise Sports Grounds. The two formidable teams eager to start the New Year on a high note, in securing a win for their respective teams.

Highlands won the coin toss, opting for Phoenix to bat first. Giving them the opportunity to plan a good defence plan against their opposition.

Graeme Sharp and Henri Linde of Phoenix took to the pitch to start the evening’s match.

cricket, Newcastillian
Graeme Sharp opens for Phoenix, during the teams match against Highlands.


Phoenix made a score of 145 runs for the loss of four wickets. This set an arduous target for Highlands to reach. But the team was prepped for the challenge.

However, winning was not in the cards for the Highlands. The team was restricted to 128 runs for the loss of seven wickets.

The top scorers for Phoenix are Henri Linde with 42 runs, followed by Ruwayne Chetty with 41 runs and Kyle Korb with 18 runs.

cricket, Newcastillian
Henri Linde is the top scorer for Phoenix, during its match against Highlands.


Top scorers for Highlands are Stephen Brown with 48 runs and Wandile Nkosi with 42 runs.

Congratulations to Phoenix for winning the match.

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