Petition set up to remove alleged sexual assault culprit from Paradise

How safe are the children of Paradise? On Monday, June 4, an elderly man allegedly molested a seven-year-old girl from S.E. Vawda Primary School.

The perpetrator lured the child into the sports grounds, where he then apparently sexually assaulted her.

While the child reported the incident to taxi drivers, who apprehended the man, before Two Eagles Security and the SAPS were contacted to take the man into custody, has been released on bail.

According to sources, he has resumed his duties at the sports grounds. While police investigations are underway, and he is yet to be proven guilty, his presence brings about a certain degree of tension in the Paradise community.

“We have a petition running to have him removed from the area,” explains Seshne Jacobs of Two Eagles Security.

The petition is initiated by residents, who have requested the security company to take the relevant steps. “We are now urging people to come sign the petition. While he is still to be proven guilty, we need to support the child,” she emphasises.

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Will you sign the petition?


Mark Jacobs of Two Eagles agrees, stating the protection of children is of the utmost importance. “Children need to be protected. There are five schools in the surrounding area, as well as other child care facilities,” he said.

The main focus of the petition is to seek justice. “People are too scared to let their children play outside. No child should live under lock-down or in fear,” Seshne said.

Director of Crisis Centre, Mary Dobbie expressed her disappointment in the justice system for allowing bail. “Any crime against a child is serious. I cannot express just how disappointed I am that he is out.”

Newcastillians willing to sign the petition to remove the suspect from the area, can do so at Two Eagles Security, 34 Jenkyn Street, Paradise.

Mark explains the petition will be handed to the relevant authorities on Monday, June 11.

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