Online scam targets job seekers

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Rising fuel prices and the general cost of living has many a Newcastillian searching for careers which will free them and their families from financial constraints.

Yet, there are villainous fiends which take advantage of job seekers through an array of different scams and fraudulent activities.

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Such is the seriousness of these scams, the South African Police Service (SAPS) has noted several hoax messages circulating on social media and other channels. These hoax messages contain a fake job listing.

In a statement released by Newcastle SAPS, the SAPS explain the fake job advert indicates there are vacant internship opportunities, as well as vacant positions available for the Basic Learning Development Programme (BLDP) intake within the Service.

The SAPS states there are currently no internships and Basic Learning Development Programme (BLDP) posts available at the present time.

Furthermore, when posts do become vacant, the SAPS will advertise through the Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) website, as well as through the SAPS website, mainstream media and internal email notices.

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Captain Jabulani Ncube, Newcastle SAPS spokesperson, says, “Members of the public are warned not to fall prey to these scams. These fabricated adverts are misleading and are driven by faceless and malicious individuals.”

The community is also reminded that employment at the SAPS is not for sale.

“Usually, a scammer will try to extort money from his/her victims. The public must be extra vigilant and contact their nearest police station for clarity and information when in doubt,” concludes Captain Ncube.

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