Mass amounts of freshwater and sewage are flowing down Newcastle’s streets!

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A cesspool of sewage flowing down Hardwick Street might have motorists and pedestrians gagging for breath, but did you know this is not the only problematic site in Newcastle?

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In Hillside Avenue, Hutten Heights, residents are dealing with regular sewage pumping out onto the street. One resident claims the matter has been reported on numerous occasions.

“We have been sitting with this issue for over a year. It gets repaired but starts leaking again not long after the municipality has attended to it,” says the resident.

Furthermore, the resident says not only do motorists and pedestrians have to suffer through the leak, but so do those who live close to the leak. “Our houses stink, especially when it is hot.”

While Hillside Avenue residents need to endure the stench of sewage flowing down the street, residents living in the cul-de-sac on Murchison Street need to watch massive volumes of clean, fresh water flow freely down the road.

“The water has been flowing down the road freely since about the end of January, beginning of February,” says Tracy Taylor.

According to Taylor, a truck driver had entered the street and in the process, knocked out her water meter and damaged the road surface, contributing to the leak.

“As the road is not designed for heavy-duty vehicles, the truck sank into the road and caused the leak.”

The leak in the cul-de-sac joining Murchison Street, has left the street flooded.

Since then, nothing has been done. “We have reported it numerous times. Today (April 11), officials have come to look at the damages and they said they would repair the leak.”

The Newcastle Municipality’s Communications Department was contacted. But no comment was available at the time of the article being published.

With fresh water and sewage being allowed to flow down Newcastle’s streets, what are your thoughts on the situation? Share your views with us in the comment section below.

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