Local Police officials Receive Awards at National SAPS Medal Parade

When it comes to law and order, it takes a special individual to pursue a lifelong career in law enforcement.

The dangers of being a police officer is undeniable. Yet, the men and women in blue selflessly dedicate their lives to protect law-abiding citizens. Recently, two police officials from the Amajuba Police Cluster attended the SAPS Medal Parade held in Hammanskraal, Northern Gauteng.

Captain Mano Zwani and Captain Khosi Xulu were both presented awards for 30 years’ service. Both officers joined the force on July 4, 1988.

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Captain Mano Zwani and Captain Khosi Xulu (centre) with senior police officials.


Serving South Africa and their respective communities, these two officers have truly striven to ensure the ends of justice were upheld over the past three decades.

Captain Zwane now works to the KZN Provincial Border Policing unit, while Captain Xulu is stationed at oSizweni Police station.

Congratulation Captain Zwane and Captain Xulu, not only for representing KZN at the medal parade, but for your dedicated service, we thank you and salute you!

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