John Lasseter, Co-founder of Pixar, faces accusations of misconduct

As Pixar fans wait with bated breath for the Incredibles 2, it seems the release of the movie is tainted with more allegations of inappropriate behaviour in Hollywood.

John Lasseter, co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios and Disney’s current animation chief, has been demoted to consultant and will step down fully at the end of this year. This follows allegations revolving around his conduct with female staff members.

The news that he is to step down follows a six-month sabbatical, which the 61-year-old undertook, following accusations of inappropriate behaviour.

John Lasseter is the latest individual in the entertainment world to be accused of sexual misconduct. (photo sourced:


His accusations come in the wake of #MeToo. The #MeToo movement is an international movement against sexual harassment in the workplace, which went viral in October 2017. This was followed with sexual allegations made against Harvey Weinstein, a former producer.

While he has apologised to those he said felt uncomfortable from an “unwanted hug” or any other conduct that made them feel uncomfortable, it seems his career might possibly come to a grinding halt.

But it seems that unwanted hugs were not the cause of concern. He is accused of getting drunk at work events, grabbing, kissing and making lewd comments about women’s bodies.

Lasseter is the creative mind behind movies such as Toy Story and Cars, even ensuring the success of Frozen.

With the animation industry preparing to bid farewell to Lasseter, it is yet to be released who will be replacing him.

However, the wake of his conduct is a cause of concern. Lasseter is one of many people in the entertainment industry to be accused of sexual abuse. But is this kind of behaviour restricted only to the cinematic world?

To our female readers, have you ever been exposed to inappropriate behaviour in the workplace? Do you think men in high positions abuse their power? Share your thoughts with us in the comment sections below.

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