Introducing children to the love of cricket, one wicket at a time

In an era where technology reins, and gaming consoles, cell phones and social media offer children hours of stimulation, outdoor fun is slowly becoming obsolete. Or is it?

On Saturday, February 9, the KFC Mini Cricket programme was officially kicked off. Taking place at Suryaville Primary School, 43 children lined up to learn more about the love of cricket.

What is the KFC Mini Cricket programme?

The programme takes children and teaches them how to play cricket and the rules behind the game.

“Girls start at the age of five years and participate in the programme until the age of 13 years. Boys also start at the age of five years and participate until the age of 11 years,” says Rishi Nanan, KFC Mini Cricket Coach.

During the programme, which will run throughout the year, Rishi explains children will experience an in-depth education into cricket.

“The children need to learn how to hold the bats correctly, swing properly and have the correct stance when batting,” Rishi explains.

KFC Mini Cricket Coach, Rishi Nanan shows how one’s hands should be positioned when holding a cricket bat.

He adds that the participating children will also learn how to bowl and how to field. This entails how to catch balls, how to hold the ball correctly before bowling and the necessary arm movement when throwing the ball.

Highly excited about the programme, the participating children thoroughly enjoyed the morning learning how to play a game which is affectionally known as the gentleman’s sport around the globe.

Youngsters learning how to catch a ball.
Making the day more special, Rishi says a number of children who have been involved in the programme in the past, volunteered to assist the new group of children.

“They gave up their time selflessly. We do need more coaches, as there is a lot to cover,” Rishi explains.

Anyone wanting to assist in coaching at the KFC Mini Cricket programme or if parents want to get their children involved, Rishi can be contacted on 072 216 0772.

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