Homeless men alleged victims of assault

Security guards accused of assault

Homeless people face a bleak future, one of uncertainty and hardships.

Scrounging and begging for food on a daily basis, enduring nature’s elements such as the recent rainfalls and floods, the homeless community is no stranger to suffering. However, it seems that some of their pain is inflicted by other human beings.

Security guards from a local security company have been accused of assaulting two homeless men.

The incident allegedly took place on March 25, when guards chased the men away from a shopping complex in town. “After they chased the men away, they watched them for a bit and then walked over to the park, before hitting them with batons,” claims a source who wishes to remain anonymous.

Video footage captured the security guards chasing the men away from the complex. However, the assault was not captured in the footage.

“We will investigate the matter and determine whether or not our guards did assault the men, as we would never condone any of our staff hitting someone,” claims a management member of the security company.

While investigations are underway, the source claims that security guards were often requested to remove homeless people for a variety of reason. “They often harass people through begging. There is also the possibility that they might rob someone. After all, if they are hungry and have no money, what will they do to get food?”

The shopping centre will also be conducting investigations into the matter, as to determine what occurred. “We have had issues with homeless people at the centre before and one guard was actually assaulted in the past. But, we will follow up on the matter to determine what happened,” claims a source from the shopping centre in question.

But, while investigations are under way and vagrants did pose issues at shopping complexes, another issue has been brought to light. During the alleged assault, the source claims several people watched. But no one intervened.

What are your thoughts? Do you feel homeless people should be chased away from shopping centres? What are your thoughts on the alleged violence? And why do you think no one attempted to stop the security from allegedly assaulting the men? Do people no longer want to help others? Is it because the men were homeless that no one stepped forward to help?

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