Freaky Friday: Vintage adverts, when advertising goes wrong

Advertising plays an instrumental role in a business’s success. A well-placed advert separates your business from the masses and is imperative to any company, large or small.

Ever evolving, the advertising world as we know it today, is a far-cry from what it was four decades ago. Not only is advertising becoming more digitally orientated, but there are barriers which should never be crossed, which vintage adverts did on a regular basis.

Take a look at these vintage adverts, while politically incorrect, they certainly don’t lack creativity.

If your husband ever finds out…

vintage, Newcastillian
Photo credit: Bored Panda


Uhm, this can’t be right. Can it? This looks more like an advert for promoting domestic violence than an advert for coffee. Back in the day, jolly old men gave their wives hiding to keep then in line. In today’s world you would be deemed a nut job, wife beater.

More doctors smoke Camels

vintage, Newcastillian
Photo credit: Bored Panda


Who are these doctors? Why aren’t they practicing in Newcastle? My doctor keeps trying to get me off of cigarettes instead of joining me for a smoke. This advert shows how much advertising has changed over the past few decades.

Not many people know why cigarette adverts were banned?! It was due to the fact that they promoted a lifestyle.

Blow in her face

vintage, Newcastillian
Photo credit: Bored Panda


I tried this once. I was slapped. Hard and repeatedly. Being 1950’s cool, fail.

This is one advert which won’t ever see the light of day in today’s time, not with the smoking laws and sexual equality.

It’s nice to have a girl around the house

WTF……The ethical line in advertising is always a debatable one, however this one clearly crosses that line.

Loves Baby Soft

vintage, Newcastillian
Photo credit:


Creep alert! Find out who did the layout of this advert, as well as the guy who approved it and lock them up! What were these people thinking?!?!

Flip ‘n Style Hairdryer

vintage, Newcastillian
Photo credit:

Fortunately Panasonic doesn’t release anything as insensitive as this anymore. This is atrocious.

Fat as pigs

Advert, Newcastillian
Photo credit:


Well, this isn’t kosher. Mainly because we know that fat children don’t always lead the healthiest of lives.

It is amazing how times have changed, with these advertisements proving that the advertising world is constantly evolving, along with peoples outlooks and belief systems.

A great lesson can be learned from these ads and that is, create your brand image, find your “hook” and then choose a media medium. Being able to stand out is everything, even if you upset a few people along the way.

Until next week, have yourself a Freak Friday!!

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