Four of the most awesome places to visit in Newcastle

Newcastle is the third largest city in KwaZulu-Natal. Yet, why is it that Newcastillians seldom know what to do over the weekend?

Whether you enjoy the wide-open spaces of nature, history or the colours of art, Newcastle has it all in her borders. Here are four of the most beautiful and fun places to visit in Newcastle this weekend.

Ntshingwayo (Chelmsford) Dam

Newcastle, Newcastillian

This is a must visit for any nature love. Whether you are an avid fishing enthusiast, wildlife fan or simply want a picnic in the outdoors, this is one local destination you don’t want to miss. Not only does Ntshingwayo offer you a soothing environment, you can enjoy a day of fishing and an array of animals which include zebra.

Ncandu Falls

Newcastle, Newcastillian

Seeking a spot of pure beauty? Ncandu Falls is the place to visit. Situated outside of Newcastle, Ncandu Falls is a combination of soothing and powerful beauty of water and lush green surroundings. An ideal place to visit with family and friends.

Carnegie Art Gallery

Newcastle, Newcastillian

While many link art galleries with large cities, the Carnegie Art Gallery houses the best of local artistic talent. Vibrant colours deck the walls, with the building itself forming a part of Newcastle’s history. The art gallery was initially a library built in 1915 by the American Carnegie Foundation.

Fort Amiel Museum

Newcastle, Newcastillian

If you are a history buff, then you will want to visit Fort Amiel Museum.

Fort Amiel was established in 1876 by the 80th Regiment (Staffordshire Volunteers) under the command of Major Charles Fredrick Amiel. The fort was initially built as Newcastle was an important base for military operations from 1876 until after the end of Transvaal War in 1881.

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