Figures on SA’s Hijacking stats 2018, WOW…

The South African Police Service have published the latest crime statistics and the figures are rather unsettling.

One of the figures which stands out is that of carjacking and truck hijackings. According to the statistics, there were 16 325 carjackings from 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018 This means that approximately 45 cars are hijacked every day.

As shocking as this might sound, there is a decrease in the number of hijackings. In the 2016/2017 period there were 16 717 reported carjackings.

While there is a drop, truck hijackings seem to be on the increase. The new statistics show the figures have increased from 1 183 cases to 1 202 cases.

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Are motorists safe from hijackers?


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But where are these crimes more prevalent?

In regard to provinces, the statistics show that Gauteng is first on the list with 8 269 hijackings over the past year. KwaZulu-Natal follows in second place with 2 698 cases. The Western Cape takes the unfortunate third position with 2 182 cases.

Within these provinces, which towns are the worst?

In Gauteng, the four towns where hijacking proves most problematic are:

Jeppe with 262 cases.

Booysens with 198 cases.

Honeydew with 184 cases.

Johannesburg Central with 169 cases.

In the Western Cape, the four towns where hijacking is a problem are:

Nyanga with 276 cases.

Delft with 175 cases.

Khayelitsha with 144 cases.

Mfuleni with 126 cases.

Problematic towns in KwaZulu-Natal, are:

Umlazi with 150 cases.

Pinetown with 117 cases.

While the above mentioned towns and cities classified as the worst areas in the country, how safe are Newcastillian motorists?

According to the statistics, there are two reported carjacking incidents for the year. This sees to be a decrease from last year’s three cases.

In Madadeni, there is an increase in carjacking, the number of cases rising from nine to 10 incidents.

There are 15 carjacking cases in oSizweni for the year, which is a decrease from last year’s 19 cases.

With the large number of hijackings in the country, what steps do you think motorists should take to secure themselves? Let us know in the comments section below.

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