Employee of the Month – Naythen Schwartz from Light it Newcastle

The Newcastillian Employee of the Month!! Naythen Schwartz from Light It Newcastle

Whether shopping for a new vehicle or an electrical appliance, a business’s service plays an instrumental role in whether a person will return and recommend them to other customers.

In the pursuit of promoting good service, The Newcastillian has begun an initiative where local businesses will be rewarded for exceptional service.

The Employee of the Month will run monthly, with the community invited to nominate a staff member from business who has gone above and beyond to ensure their clientele is happy. The selected business will receive a half page advert, free of charge in The Newcastillian.

The first nominee is Naythen Schwartz from Light It. Nathan, who has been with Light It for two years, recently assisted a client and gave phenomenal service.

What drives him to give good service: “I love seeing people happy, being able to help them and being friendly. This drives me, as I enjoy it when people come back and thank me.”

Why good service is important: “Good service is good for business. It ensures people come back and word spreads on how staff treated a person.”

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