Dynamic siblings excel at karate

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In a world of sibling rivalry, Chardy and Danè Beamson are breaking the mould.

The sisters are united in their quest to dominate the karate world, a sport many associate with men.

“We started karate at Shorinryu Butokukan about six years,” said Chardy.

Over the past six years, the sisters have excelled in more ways than one.

At just 13-years-old, Chardy has been able to secure her Brown 2 belt.

While Danè has obtained her Brown 1 belt, despite being only 11-years-old.

Dedicated to the karate, they have set their sights on greatness and reaching new heights within the karate world.

Newcastillian Karate Duo

“We went to the South African Championships last year, where we both won gold medals. For the future, I hope to get my Black belt and then go to Okinawa, Japan, to learn more about karate,” said Chardy.

Danè has also set her sights on studying karate further, but also desires to be more involved in competitive tournaments.

“I would like to compete in the World Championships,” she said.

The desire to excel and grow in karate comes from the lessons they have both learned through the sport.

“Karate teaches you the importance of self defence and the importance of respect for others,” said Danè.

Chardy said karate also helped people to develop their confidence.

Both siblings claimed they would encourage others to take up karate.

“Karate teaches a lot of things, but one important thing it teaches is self-control. So, we would recommend it to others,” Chardy concluded.

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