Die Rapportryers, die manne wat omgee vir ons gemeenskap

Die Rapportryer Klub speel a groot rol in die Newcastle gemeenskap. As ‘n organisasie, is hulle ‘n krag waarmee gereken moet word.

Maar wie is die Rapportryers Beweging?

Die Rapportryers Beweging was gestig in 1950 as ‘n sosiale klub waar Afrikaner manne om ‘n braaivleisvuur bymekaar gekom het om oor alledaagse aangeleenthede te gesels.

Daar was sedert vroeg 1960’s korpse in Newcastle gestig en daar was teen 1980 drie Senior Korpse en een Junior korps in Newcastle.

rapportryers, Newcastillian
The Newcastle Rapportryers management team. Secretary is Franco Kriek, Willie Potgieter is chairman, Hannes Willemse is Vice chairman and Jaun de Heer is treasurer.


In 1984 het die Newcastle en Groeipunt korps saam gesmelt as Newcastle korps met persone soos Fanus Berg, Eric Kraaij en wyle Dr. Mel Freese aan die stuur.

Vandag gaan Newcastle korps van krag tot krag en met ‘n ledetal van by die 50 maak hulle ‘n verskil in die gemeenskap. Die korps vergader maandeliks en gesels oor hul projekte, gemeenskaplike aangeleenthede en kuier heerlik saam om ‘n braaivleisvuur.

Die korps se waardes is as volg:

  • Christenskap: Erken ons afhanklikheid van God en Bely Jesus as ons Verlosser
  • Burgerskap: Die verskil wat ons as Afrikaners in ons gemeenskappe kan maak
  • Bevordering van ons Taal
  • Uitbou van ons Kultuur

Maintaining their culture with pride and always ready to help others, the Rapportryers Beweging gets involved with the community through various projects. With the 2018 slowly winding down to a close, the community has the following projects to look forward to.

On October 6, the Rapportryers will be holding its annual 2 Ball Better Ball Scramble Drive. The event will take place at Newcastle Golf Club and begins at 10am with a shotgun start.

Entrance fee is R200 per person, including Halfway House and Green fees. For more information on the day, be sure to contact Hentie van Staden on 071 109 9235 or Andre Potgieter on 083 258 6071.

The golf day revolves around fundraising for community initiatives. “As a non-profit organisation, we have to spend 80% of our monies during the year. Which is what we do with the golf day,” explains chairman Willie Potgieter.

A percentage of funds raised at the golf day and other fundraising initiatives, will go to a pre-selected organisation. “Where there is a need, we will do our best to help,” Potgieter emphasises.

It is because of this need, the Rapportryers will be holding its annual “Ou Boet” project. This sees the Rapportryers take approximately 22 less fortunate boys to a farm, teaching them how to embrace and enjoy the outdoors. Such as  braaing, fishing and clay shooting, but to name a few.

This month, the Rapportryers will host it’s old age home braai at La Gratitude on September 27. With the elderly having contributed to society during their younger lives, the Rapportryers make it their mission to show the elderly residents they have not been forgotten. A truly love filled day is enjoyed with the seniors.

But is charity and getting together the only purpose of the Rapportryers?

Potgieter explains the Rapportryers also contribute funds to protecting and maintaining historical monuments of cultural importance throughout South Africa.

“We are a non-political, Christian organisation which helps those in need. We also give out bursaries to children who wish to study. They just need to be Afrikaans to qualify. We also care for the Voortrekkers organisations.”

Promoting the importance of helping others while upholding their cultural roots, the Rapportryers are true blessings within our community.

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