AfriForum offers a helping hand to local schools

During the current global pandemic, safety and cleanliness has become of the utmost importance. Especially at schools, where children interact

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St Dominics Newcastle rises to the challenge during national lockdown

As South African persevere through the 21-day national lockdown, there are parents and school children who are questioning when schools

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First day of Grade 1 at St Dominics Newcastle, Drakensberg Primary and S.E. Vawda Primary

A new adventure begins for many young Newcastillian children today, January 15, with the start of their academic career. It

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NKZN school choirs appear on kykNet as they sing in harmony

The melodic sound of choir music is one that captivates a music lover’s soul and imagination. On August 18, Arbor

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Juan du Toit, teeing off to be the next Tiger Woods

Does Newcastle have a world-class golf champion in the making? An individual who will join the ranks of pro-South African

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