High Court finds that Level 3 and Level 4 regulations are invalid and unconstitutional

The Gauteng Division of the High Court has declared the regulations for Level 3 and Level 4 as both unconstitutional

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Pornhub shares what South African women really want? Well done ladies!

When it comes to watching dirty movies, men always seem to get the raw deal, forever the suspected pervert. However,

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Need to catch a taxi? Here is how. Plus learn more about this R50b a year industry

When it comes to public transport, minibus taxis are one of the most affordable and readily available forms of transportation

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Will the real Jesus please stand up?

With approximately 2.1 billion followers, Christianity is one of the largest religions on the planet. At the heart of the

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These things could be causing your penis to shrink

As we become a more conscious society, we are learning that a healthy lifestyle and pollution-free environment is vital to

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South Africa’s murderous and psychotic serial killers

Lurking within the shadows of society are men and women who prey on unsuspecting victims. Psychopathic killers who live out

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