Dr Regina Hurley, the chair of the Mediclinic Newcastle COVID-19 task team, sheds light on the pandemic

As a pandemic of epic proportions, COVID-19 has taken the world by storm. Countries around the world facing a series

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St Dominics Newcastle teacher tests positive for COVID-19, school takes proactive steps to safeguard learners

Businesses, organisations, schools, and individuals continue the efforts in curbing the spread of COVID-19. A pandemic which has taken the

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The Department of Labour highlights the jobs which are most at risk of coronavirus exposure

Within a matter of days, the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has sent widespread panic throughout South Africa. Currently, there are 402

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Mediclinic Newcastle welcomes Dr Mohamed Alsharef, Newcastle’s newest urologist

Quality medical care is of the utmost importance in modern-day society. In order to provide the best treatment, the medical

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Mediclinic Newcastle welcomes Dr Peichee Wung, Newcastle’s newest Specialist Physician

The medical world is one of diversity, where passion for learning and helping others unite. It is this deep-seated passion

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