Boston City Campus & Business College took on Air Time Obstacle Course

Driving yourself to the limit mentally and physically is always achieved, at Air Time Obstacle Course.

Boston City Campus & Business College have taken to the air, pushing themselves to the limits to overcome physical challenges.

Testing their physical prowess on April 12, Boston staff and students took to Air Time Obstacle Course as part of a team building excursion. “We also brought our new students for the year, so they could get to know each other better,” said Boston City Campus & Business College branch manager, Taryn Strydom.

Obstacle, Boston City Campus & Business College, Newcastillian
The Boston City Campus & Business College team.

As an avid and experienced athlete, Taryn explained that she believed the obstacle course offered two lesson. It is the ideal way to promote healthy living and on how you view life.

“It is a place where you can have fun, whilst challenging yourself. As with life, one needs to push yourself on a daily basis to ensure you are living a better life. The obstacle course can act as a metaphor, as you learn skills to overcome the obstacles in your life.”

With an array of obstacles, the staff and students learned that through determination, patience, laughter and teamwork, great things could be achieved.

It is fantastic to see companies such as Boston City Campus & Business College opting for a healthier team building experience. We hope that others choose to go the same route as it truly is a unique experience which leaves everyone inspired and of course, sweaty.

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