Blackrock Casino gets into the festive spirit with La Gratitude

Blackrock Casino is more than a place of entertainment. It is a business that truly cares about the community, finding ways to give back to residents.

On Monday, December 10, Blackrock staff visited La Gratitude Old Age Home. Sacrificing time out of their busy schedules to spend time with the all-important elderly residents of the community, spoiling them with tea and delicious cupcakes.

The Blackrock Casino Team ready to serve cupcakes to La Gratitude residents.

“We want to say to the Newcastle community, that we are here, and we want to close the gap between the business sector and the community,” says casino’s Blackrock Casino’s Garden Court Hotel manager, Dudu Hlabangani.

But this is not the only reason for Blackrock Casino’s visit to La Gratitude. Hlabangani explains that we as a community and a country, owe our way of life to the elderly.

“This is more than a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. It is a Christmas tea with the elderly. The elderly are legends, they created the legacy which we now enjoy. We are merely taking the legacy over. We don’t want them to feel neglected.”

Just because the La Gratitude residents are now staying in a home, Hlabangani emphasises that Blackrock Casino wants them to know that there are still people who really do care about them.

The Blackrock team serving tea to the elderly at La Gratitude Old Age Home.

“We are here as part of the community, to look after them,” Hlabangani says.

The elderly residents thoroughly enjoyed the morning spent with the volunteers. The cupcakes, tea and time spent interacting with each other creating a day to remember.

Blackrock Casino Garden Court Hotel Manager Dudu Hlabangani chats to one of the elderly residents.

Well done to the Blackrock Casino staff for going out of your way to remind the elderly that they have not been forgotten and are still very much treasured.

The Blackrock Casino team with residents from La Gratitude Old Age Home.
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