Are woman crazy or are they being pushed?

Don’t be scared, she isn’t crazy, it is all you…apparently

Women are pillars of society, the backbone of families and the strength of a community. But, are women really crazy?

Take a hard look at your wife, girlfriend, sister or even your close female friends. Have you ever thought one of these women were insane or slightly unhinged? If you are honest with yourself, there is a good chance that you might have feared for their sanity at one point or another.

However, what if I told you that men play an instrumental part in women’s mental health. We as men might be the trigger for that “lying in wait crazy gene” igniting.

Here are things we as men do that make women crazy:


  • Texting over phone calls


Sure, a Whatsapp or an sms is quick and efficient, but apparently women want to us to call them from time to time. How odd. Continuous text messages apparently takes a bit of the romance out of a relationship, while a phone call shows them how much they mean to you. Meanwhile, women are totally oblivious on how awkward men feel talking over the phone. That’s why we created text messaging.

Either way, call your women from time to time. It will spare you from being single on Valentine’s Day.


  • Remembering important dates


Ever wake up, feel you are forgetting something but can’t put your finger on it? Notice your girlfriend, wife, sister and mother becoming distant and angry. Guess what? You have either forgotten their birthday, Valentine’s Day, your anniversary or some other “important” day.

Story has it that women are not crazy for flipping out. Apparently, our inability to remember the importance of February 14 is infuriating and shows a lack of commitment. Sorry, but if February 14 falls on Tuesday and I don’t wish you a happy Valentine’s Day, is because I am dedicated to getting to work on time, so I’m not fired.


  • Leaving the toilet seat up


How many men have witnessed their significant other or sibling go “çrazy” because we left the toilet seat up.

Surely, women should put the seats down if we have to put them up. Right?


  • We don’t know how to be quiet in the mornings?


I am not quite certain about what women mean by this. Apparently, we guys are rather noisy in the morning, while they are trying to catch up on their beauty sleep. We are not doing it on purpose, plus we don’t get the subtle hints of your frustration. The frustrated sighing and the “Are you happy I am awake now” goes right over our heads. But yes, we are happy you are awake.


  • Poorly timed jokes during a serious situation


Apparently, cracking a joke during a tense situation is not a mature thing. If you feel things are getting tense and crack a joke, but your significant other doesn’t laugh, she isn’t crazy. You might have just overstepped the line. Again.

How do we stop the women in our lives from going crazy due to our behaviour? Well, there is not much we can do. After all, if we get it all right, we will mess up in another way.

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One thought on “Are woman crazy or are they being pushed?

  • 14th Mar 2018 at 7:53 pm

    Todays women, to my mind are like politics. Yes, I will most probably be killed with looks for saying it this way. They want to feel that we need them all the time. Sure, we have a job to do to be able to supply their needs within our income, we undertook to do that. But we also have to satisfy our employer that we worth our monthly salary in order to keep our job. That salary provides us with a home (purchased or rented), food and necessary items to live by. Valentines day to me is a gimmick; love them every day, why only spoil them on 1 day per year? Someone must get the blame for all her frustration and as usual, it is their male counterpart. Never them. Hence the saying they are always right and we are left. Birthdays, yes, I believe it right that men folk should remember their and any off springs birthdays. Takes 2 to tango.


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