Amajuba Promotion Team vanquishes Dundee

Walking onto the cricket pitch, the time has come for two teams to pursue victory and dominate the game.

Amajuba Promotion Team took on Dundee Cricket Team at Arbor Park Sports Grounds on Sunday, February 3.

Following Amajuba Promotion Team’s loss to Ladysmith on January 27, the team was determined not to allow victory slip through their fingers, while going up against Dundee.

Winning the toss and choosing to bat first, Dundee took to the pitch. However, with the ball in hand, Elmar Gouws of Amajuba Promotion Team made short work of the opposing batsmen, impressively taking four wickets in his opening spell.

Through excellent bowling and field work, Dundee was bowled out for 96 runs. Amajuba then took to the pitch and chased the score down in 31 overs. Thereby rising victorious over the Dundee team.

The top bowlers of the day for Amajuba Promotion Team are:

Players in action during the match.

Elmar Gouws with four wickets

Renesh Harbhajan taking two wickets

Jacques Jordaan with one wicket

Divan Geel securing himself one wicket

Mohammed Saadiq with one wicket

The top batsmen for the day are:

Yashvir Harbhajan with 15 runs

Steven Brown made 22 runs during the match, which was his debut game

Divan Geel secured 27 runs.

The Amajuba Promotion Team.

Well done to the Amajuba Promotion Team for winning the match.

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