6 signs you are addicted to social media

Social media, the human way of life or addiction?


Social media has changed the way we interact with the world around us, from doing business to communicating with friends and like-minded people, to even documenting our very lives.

But, when does social media become an addiction? With Twitter, Facebook and Instagram offering users the opportunity to share their thoughts and memories at a whim, the line between being an active user and being an addict becomes a thin one.

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Waking up and checking your newsfeed

A lot of people are guilty of this. Barely awake and the first thing you do is reach for your phone to see what you missed. From a thought pattern point of view, this means that your mind is always on social media and the serotonin “rewards” you receive from acknowledgement over various social media platforms, play a huge role in your day to day.


This is where you re-read certain posts and double-check on your own posts. While you might shrug this off, saying you don’t want to give Grammar Nazis the ammunition to mock your posts, but you know that you just want to make sure you get more likes than your friend Harold.

Taking your phone to the toilet

So, you are not addicted to social media? Do you ever take your phone with you to the bathroom and whilst there check your social media accounts? If so, firstly think about germs on your already gross mobile device and secondly, can you not even “drop the kids off at the pool” without the internet? Come on, you can do it!

You get excited about the number of likes you get

Who doesn’t like being liked? But if you get extremely happy by large numbers of people liking your post, you might have a problem. After all, your self-worth and esteem should not be affected by the number of likes on your post. Not everyone cares if you are having coffee at Mugg and Bean or if you are going on a trip Thailand.

Digital friends versus real friends

If you have more Facebook friends or Instagram and Twitter followers than real friends, you might have a serious issue. After all, friends in the digital world cannot offer you the happiness and joy that real friends do. Also, how can you post awesome memories on social media if you don’t have real friends. Yes digital friends amount to tons, but real friends in their small numbers are worth their weight in gold.

You feel lost without your laptop and cellphone

If you feel lost without your cellphone or laptop, because you might miss something on Facebook or can’t update Instagram, you might be addicted. Being able to spend a day without tech should not be an issue, yet in today’s day and age this task is becoming more and more impossible to achieve.

Strange how some people still think the digital and social media worlds are small, when in actual fact we are living in the very world they created.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how addicted are you?

If you noticed that you are guilty of any of the above mentioned symptoms of social media addiction, don’t worry. You are not alone.

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