25 years of eluding USA police, SA man faces 5 molestation charges

After eluding American authorities for 25 years, a South African man will now face legal charges for sexually molesting five girls.

Barret Preston Busschua, 43 years old, flew to Portland in Oregon on September 5, to hand himself over to the Clackamas County Sherriff’s deputies. No longer will he hide away in safety, while his innocent victims live with the horrid memories of what happened to them.

The sordid ordeal began in 1993 when Busschua was 18 years and he molested five girls between the ages of nine and 15 years. In the state of Oregon, he faces charges of Sexual Penetration with a Foreign Object in the First Degree. Charges also include Sexual Abuse in the First Degree and Sodomy in the Third Degree. He faces further charges of Rape in the Third Degree, and Sexual Abuse in the Third Degree.

Busschua, Newcastillian
The poster used by the FB. (image sourced from www.fbi.gov).

Before his trial could begin, Busschua fled the United States, returning to his home country.

According to the FBI, Busschua moved to America as a child in 1989. Obtaining legal permanent resident’s status in 1989, it seemed he was destined to pursue the legendary American dream. Never was it imagined he would prey on innocent children.

But how was Busschua eventually brought to justice, after successfully hiding for over two decades?

His surrender comes after a year’s worth of increased efforts by the FBI Portland and the Clackamas County District Attorney’s Office. The two departments creating more publicity around the case via social media posts, press releases and FBI.gov

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The FBI went as far as to use a poster with an age adjusted image of Busschau. As well as offering a reward of $10 000 for any information on him. Knowing his time in the free world was up, Busschua handed himself in.

Prosecutors will now present the names of witnesses, their recorded statements, as well as the statements Basschua made to authorities.

What are your thoughts on the matter? With child abuse being on the rise in South Africa, do you think his actions paint a negative image of our country? While it is over 25 years after his actions, what kind of sentencing do you think he deserves?

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Reporting abuse and/or molestation is vital to removing these “people” from society. Save lives and communicate with the authorities.

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