VIDEO: Newcastle K9 Search and Rescue Unit sent our editor “over the edge”

Quinton Boucher repels off a building with Newcastle K9 Search and Rescue Unit
"Joining a paramedic and a security official from Magenta, as well as two local traffic officers, the extremely nervous Quinton, managed to obtain a glimmer into their world."

Receiving a unique call On Tuesday, 11 May 2021, the editor of the Newcastillian – Online News, Quinton Boucher, was privileged to be invited by the Newcastle K9 Search and Rescue Unit to experience a mere portion of their annual training.

Joining a paramedic and a security official from Magenta, as well as two local traffic officers, the extremely nervous Quinton, managed to obtain a glimmer into their world. Leading the day, Sergeant Stanley Holloway pointed out that the Search and Rescue team undergoes regular training, ensuring they stay ahead of their game. This guarantees they work at an optimum, able to best serve the respective communities.

The focus of Tuesday’s session was on abseiling off a high-angle situation. This training is essential, as there are times where the team finds themselves manoeuvring down cliffs and high-risk circumstances to save lives.

With paramedics, security officials, and traffic officers often facing dangerous conditions, the session allowed them the opportunity to overcome any fear of heights and prepare them for possible situations of this nature. Standing on the roof of the old Police barracks, five-storeys high, the day’s participants learned about the equipment the Search and Rescue Unit uses in high-angle situations and how to operate the equipment safely. 

Bringing great joy to the team at the Newcastillian – Online News and now hopefully you, Quinton was placed on the edge, many metres above ground and thankfully, was filmed throughout the entire process. He did, however, state, “as a journalist, I do not expose myself to situations like this regularly. In fact, I usually take photos, videos, and notes from a secure spot, somewhere on solid ground. I never expected that I would be wearing a harness while climbing off an extremely high roof, on a Tuesday.”

Furthermore, he said, “Petrified of heights, I initially objected to the offer to climb down the high building. But I eventually relented, rising to the occasion. Although I must admit that right up until the moment that I was harnessed and making my way to the edge of the roof, I was still objecting profusely, filled with utter fear.”

Nevertheless, the nervously smiling Quinton repelled his way down the building, After which he said,” I learned that the K9 Search and Rescue team, along with paramedics and their fellow law enforcement colleagues, deserve immense respect for their efforts, putting their lives at risk for their communities, never expecting thanks.”

From Quinton and the Newcastillian – Online News team, we appreciate all you do for people throughout the region; keep up the great work. And we look forward to how you scare Quinton next. 

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