Ithemba Security recovers stolen vehicle and educates Newcastillian on crime safety

Ithemba Security recovers stolen vehicle
"Mornè Potgieter of Ithemba Security explains that information was received stating the vehicle had been seen in the Newcastle area."

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The wheels of justice have been set in motion, following Ithemba Security Services apprehending two men travelling in a vehicle reported stolen in Randfontein in September 2020.

Mornè Potgieter of Ithemba Security explains that information was received stating the vehicle had been seen in the Newcastle area.

Following up on the info, a team was sent out on Tuesday, 27 April 2021, to investigate; this was when the car was spotted.

When the driver of the vehicle realised what was happening, he attempted to escape, and a high-speed chase ensued. This resulted in the Ithemba Security team calling for backup and eventually boxing the suspects in at Mullers Pass. The two suspects were then handed over to the SAPS, along with the motor vehicle.

The Vehicle Identification and Safeguarding (VIS) Unit has since confirmed the confiscated vehicle was the same car reported stolen in Randfontein.

Potgieter adds, “It is also important to get a tracker installed into your car.” This, he explains, assists security companies and law enforcement in locating your vehicle if it is stolen.

Furthermore, he explains that one should note and store information on your car, including specific markings on your vehicle such as stickers and your car’s registration number. “People are often traumatised after their vehicle is stolen and might forget their registration number and other details on their car.”

By keeping a document with all their vehicle’s details, an individual can give the necessary information to their security provider and police, making it easier for them to identify the vehicle as soon as possible after the crime has taken place.

When travelling in town, Potgieter adds that one should always try to park where there is CCTV available and at centres where there are reliable security guards on duty. Moreover, vigilance is critical when going to the bank. When visiting the bank, he stresses that people need to be cautious when leaving the banking establishment. There have been incidents involving motorists being followed in their car upon leaving the bank.

Moreover, Potgieter states that housebreaking continues to plague Newcastillians. Whereby he says, “If you see any suspicious people in your neighbourhood, be sure to notify security companies and the police, so we can follow up on it.”

With Ithemba Security dedicated to combatting crime and Mornè Potgieter offering proactive steps to help minimise crime, be sure to do your part in eradicating the criminal element.

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