Woman targeted by bogus Vodacom employees at Newcastle Mall

Woman targeted by bogus Vodacom employees at Newcastle Mall
"The spokesperson for Newcastle SAPS, Lizzy Arumugam, explains that in the parking lot of Newcastle Mall, the victim was approached by a man and woman, claiming worked for the popular network provider and were doing a promotion."

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Scam artists are coming up with more creative ways in defrauding unsuspecting Newcastillians. This follows an incident where a woman was targeted by two people claiming they worked for Vodacom.

While police investigations into the matter continue, Arumugam points out numerous scams are operating in the KZN Province.“We want to warn members of the public to be aware so that they do not become victims of such scams. Some of these scams take place in the form of e-mails and SMS, while others occur when you are confronted on the street by a total stranger. All of these scams are geared at getting you to part with your hard-earned cash.”

A prevalent scam in KZN involves criminals dropping money on the street. “When you pick the money up, you are confronted by another member of the group who offers to share the money with you. In the process, the thieves rip you off your own money.”

This scam usually occurs when a person has made a large withdrawal at the bank. “If you find yourself in such situations, walk away immediately and report these incidents to police so that we can apprehend these criminals.

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  1. This is so sad you can’t trust anyone anymore, and it complicate the work of people who really need to do promotion work.

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