A look into Newcastle’s troublesome cockroach and pest problem

Newcastle's Cockroach infestation problem
"Razochem affirms the most severe infestation they have dealt with would have to be a known local fast-food outlet where the cockroach infestation left them speechless."

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A nasty topic hardly discussed publicly is the infestation of pests in Newcastle and its surroundings.

Speaking with Louis and Thando Shange of Razochem Pest Control, a couple who have seen it all, as the old saying goes, they offer insight into the unsettling pest problem being dealt with.

Opening, Louis says, “The worst (pests) would have to be cockroaches both in the townships and the suburbs.” Stating, cockroaches are most commonly found in several clothing stores, cell phone accessories shops and fast-food outlets in town. However, Thando declares that Madadeni is the worst, followed by Osizweni.

The couple affirms the most severe infestation they have dealt with would have to be a known local fast-food outlet (they did not want to mention names) where the cockroach infestation left them speechless.

Other common pests in the area include termites, which Thando says often affects schools along with homes. “We attended to a complaint in Aviary Hill, where the homeowner could not grow grass due to the termites. After attending to the matter, the garden is now flourishing.”

While rats are not a significant problem within Newcastle, they are most problematic in the townships and areas where houses are situated near open stands or vacant buildings. However, on a side note, the duo states they have dealt with a sizable rat infestation in a Volksrust warehouse, being so overrun; it required 50 bait stations.

Looking at the root cause of the problem within Newcastle, Thando and Louis point out that while it isn’t their place to comment on hygiene, there are times when they receive complaints about cockroach infestations. Upon arriving at a client, they can fully understand why there is an issue.

They explain there have been incidents where the customers have food left open, and their general unhygienic practices have drawn the roaches in. Louis adds, “After attending to a problem, we try to recommend practices which will assist in the problem not happening again.”

Louis explains that cockroaches can prove to be complicated. “We have gone to houses, where people have tried different things to get rid of the cockroaches, such as Doom or Target. The thing is, they can build up a resistance, and by the time we come, the cockroaches have already built up a strong resistance to poisons, which means we have to double up on the strength of ours.”

From a residential perspective, the team states you must fumigate your home on an annual basis to avoid diseases linked to cockroaches and rats. “Rat urine can cause asthma in children, which is one of many reasons to fumigate your home,” says Thando.  If constructing your home, call a pest control service to lay poison on the foundation to ensure termites and rats do not become a problem in the foreseeable future. “If the house is already constructed, we can come out and bore holes into the floor, to put down the necessary poison,” Thando says.
Furthermore, Louis adds that this service also makes it easier to sell one’s property, as a clearance certificate is provided to the homeowner and they can show they have taken the necessary steps to protect the house from pests.

As the world rapidly becomes more “clean conscious”, worried about health, vitamin regimes and touching nothing. Businesses that do not adhere to hygiene and health codes or allow disease-carrying infestations to overrun their stores will need to revisit the drawing board. This form of disregard for people’s health cannot be accepted.

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