Motorists beware, Newcastle Municipality launches Easter Weekend Road Safety Campaign

"A massive roadblock this morning, 1 April 2021, at the intersection of N11 and Allen Street (Hilldrop) kicked off the Easter Weekend Road Safety Campaign."

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A massive roadblock this morning, 1 April 2021, at the intersection of N11 and Allen Street (Hilldrop) kicked off the Easter Weekend Road Safety Campaign. 

Launched by the Newcastle Municipality, the initiative focuses on minimising the loss of lives over the busy long weekend.

While the Easter holidays are a time when many Newcastillians travel across the country, escaping their daily routines, it is also a period with increased traffic volumes.

The municipality explains that this period is synonymous with a high rate of accidents and fatalities, resulting in incurred injuries and many lives being lost on our roads. According to the government entity, the major contributing factors to these accidents are driving under the influence, excessive speeding, not wearing seatbelts, overtaking, talking and/or texting on the phone while driving, unroadworthy vehicles and pedestrians failing to observe traffic rules.

To influence road users’ mindsets, law enforcement establishes numerous measures to promote road safety. With this in mind, this morning’s roadblock saw the Newcastle Municipality’s Traffic Services Department, led by Newcastle Mayor Cllr Dr Ntuthuko Mahlaba embark on a rigorous high visibility roadblock alongside the police.

At the launch of the campaign, Cllr Dr Mahlaba emphasised the importance of the initiative, saying, “It has become the norm to report deaths during the Easter holidays.” To minimise fatalities, the Mayor encouraged Traffic Officers and Police Officials to take their jobs seriously, enforcing the necessary laws to ensure Newcastle roads remained safe during the long weekend. He adds, “I am confident, with the team that we have, we can handle the situation and report minimal deaths.”

As Newcastillians gear up for the long weekend, be sure to follow the traffic laws and ensure you and your loved ones remain safe.

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