Utrecht-based old age home, SAVF Huis Joanna in dire straits, can you help the elderly?

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"Recently, it came to light that the Utrecht-based facility is in critical need of assistance, as it faces overwhelming difficulties."

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For the past 63 years, SAVF Huis Joanna Old Age Home has successfully cared for the frail, elderly and disabled—providing them with a loving home. But now, due to financial challenges, the Newcastle community is being called on to show support for the nursing home.

Recently, it came to light that the Utrecht-based facility is in critical need of assistance, as it faces overwhelming difficulties. The manageress of the old age home, Bernadette van Schalkwyk explains, “Our biggest challenge at the moment is financial constraints. We have outstanding creditors accounts, which we are unable to settle at this stage. Many of our creditors have closed our accounts.”

Through the power of digital communication, numerous people recently caught wind of the home’s hurdles and responded in true Newcastillian spirit. This resulted in multiple people donating to the home. In appreciation thereof, van Schalkwyk extends her heartfelt thanks to all the Good Samaritans for opening their hearts to the home and its residents.

While community members have generously donated to the home, SAVF Huis Joanna Old Age Home’s trials and tribulations are far from over.

Offering frail care with a capacity for 50 residents, providing a 24-hour service, including meals, laundry, furnished accommodation, nursing care, social activities, and much more. The facility requires a significant amount of help. “We would truly appreciate financial contributions, as well as donations of non-perishable foods, chicken and toiletries,” requests van Schalkwyk.

As a registered non-profit organisation committed to upholding an environment where its residents can thrive, thereby living a fulfilled life, the donations mentioned above will see SAVF Huis Joanna continue as a haven for the elderly Utrecht.

All donations can be taken to the home for those wanting to assist the elderly, situated at 105 Plein Street, Utrecht. Additionally, to acquire further information on how to support SAVF Huis Joanna, Bernadette van Schalkwyk can be contacted on 034 331 3451, 082 541 5157 or alternatively at joanna.manager@savf.co.za

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