Join us in celebrating Newcastle, one of the fastest-growing cities in KZN

Join us in celebrating Newcastle, the fastest growing city in KZN
"According to RealNet Estate Agency Group's Managing Director, Gerhard Kotzé, the lockdown has seen a change in South Africa's property buying. One of the biggest trends now is the migration away from big cities to smaller towns along the coast and in more rural settings."

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In the hopes of igniting further progression and positivity through celebrating Newcastle, The Newcastillian – Online News touches on how people are choosing to throw away mainstream city life for a more relaxed country life.

Boasting mass development, an award-winning municipality and a substantially lower crime rate than found in larger cities, this centre point between provinces has transformed into a prime choice for those relocating, looking for a more fulfilling life. Offering people the opportunity to experience a more enriched environment, where family time is prized, and community culture creates a sense of belonging and security. In summary, As stated by the Newcastle Municipality, “Our city is one of the fastest-growing cities in South Africa.”

To affirm the above, here is a compilation of good news articles:

Join us in celebrating Newcastle, the fastest growing city in KZN
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As a Newcastillian, what would you say is Newcastle’s most significant selling point, and why should people invest in the local community? 

Share your views in the comment section below.


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2 Responses

  1. What a load of hogwash. Service delivery is almost at a standstill, infrastructure is collapsing, illegal immigrants are flooding the town. Newcastle is spiralling into an abyss. Why must we burden the private sector to help municipality when they are given a budget annually and collect rates and taxes

    1. Yes, from an individual perspective, it seems to be true. But looking from a broader view, our town has definitely done much better than others. We also have the only municipality, in the region, not under administration. This alone says quite a lot even though our municipality is not favoured by many community members.

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