Woman kidnapped and raped while waiting outside Fruit & Veg City

"According to Newcastle Police, the woman had been waiting for a taxi outside Fruit and Veg City in Voortrekker Road."

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On Saturday, 27 February 2021, a woman’s life changed forever after enduring a heinous act at the hands of a depraved man in Newcastle, KZN. 

According to Newcastle Police, the woman had been waiting for a taxi outside Fruit and Veg City in Voortrekker Road. Detective Constable JC De Bruin elaborates further, “While she was waiting, a man grabbed her and forced her into a car.”

Two other men had been waiting in the vehicle, and once the kidnapper had the woman in the vehicle, they sped off.

Detective Constable De Bruin adds, the suspects then took her to a house, where they forced her to drink an unidentifiable liquid. He says, “She passed out and woke up the next morning naked.”

After regaining consciousness, she was approached by a man who asked if she knew where she was. When she admitted she did not know, the man proceeded to rape her. 

What makes this shocking story that much more heart-breaking, “The victim moved to Newcastle two weeks ago and is unfamiliar with the area,” the police officer points out.

After being sexually assaulted, she noticed a knife that she used to force her way out of the house before running to a nearby church. It was then that she learned she was in Madadeni, Section 6. The police were then contacted, and investigations are currently underway. However, the Newcastle Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit (FCS) require the community’s assistance in locating the suspect.

He is between 40 to 45 years of age, dark in complexion, 1.70-1.75 in height, medium in build, and has tattoos on both arms.

While there were three suspects involved, the victim can only identify one, and it is for this reason, the police are determined to track him down.

Anyone who can assist the police with the investigation is requested to contact Detective Constable JC De Bruin on 065 340 5662.

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