Warning: Crime in Newcastle, Madadeni and Osizweni increasing

Warning: Crime in Newcastle, Madadeni and Osizweni increasing
SAPS Corporate Communications and Liaison Officer, Lizzy Arumugam stresses, “police will also be doing more operations, as incidents are on the increase. However, community members also need to be more vigilant.”

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Bringing to the public’s attention, according to the SAPS, crime within Newcastle, Madadeni and Osizweni, is increasing—resulting in police intensifying patrols in these areas. 

SAPS Corporate Communications and Liaison Officer, Lizzy Arumugam stresses, “police will also be doing more operations, as incidents are on the increase. However, community members also need to be more vigilant.”

When taking a look at the latest crime reports, over the past week, local SAPS noted four robberies and three cases of theft from motor vehicles—each incident taking place in broad daylight.

The first robbery took place in Osizweni, whereby four perpetrators, armed with a knife, robbed a man of his cellphone before fleeing.

The second incident sees Madadeni Police investigating a brutal armed robbery in Blaauwbosch. The incident took place at noon, while a man was walking home. The victim was approached by a group of men who proceeded to beat him up with a knobkerrie, Arumugam points out, one of the accused went as far as to stab the man in his head. Following the vicious attack, the criminals stole the victim’s cellphone and R50 in cash.

Additionally, the Madadeni Police are also investigating a case, whereby three offenders targeted a pedestrian walking through Section 4, Madadeni. Two of the three perpetrators had knives, which they used to their advantage, robbing the man of his cellphone.

The fourth robbery took place next to the Osizweni Library, where a man and his girlfriend were sitting in a park. Two men approached the couple and proceeded to stab the man, leaving his girlfriend in a state of shock. The two felons then ran off with the injured man’s cellphone.

Lastly, Newcastle CBD has become a hot spot for opportunistic crime with theft from motor vehicle cases showcasing the audacity shown by criminals.

The first incident took place on Allen Street, where suspects broke the motorist’s car window, before escaping with her handbag.

In a separate incident, criminals entered a residence yard in Kosmos Street, Schuinshoogte, Arumugam elaborates, “The complainant alleges one of the car’s side windows was broken, and a handbag and laptop valued at R12 500 was stolen.”

The third incident took place in the N11 Wimpy Parking lot, where six tyres to the value of R60 000 were stolen.

While Arumugam assures police are increasing their presence, she urges motorists to become just as proactive to minimise this crime from snowballing even further out of control—stating Newcastillians should adhere to the following steps:

  • Make sure that all the doors and windows are properly locked when you park your car.
  • Do not leave money in the car, as this will draw unwarranted attention from criminals.
  • Valuable items such as your handbag, briefcase, laptops and cameras should be put in the boot of your car. Also, take them out of your vehicle when at home.
  • Always lock the car doors and close the windows, when getting out of the car. Even if your door can be locked with a remote, stand next to your vehicle and ensure it is locked, to avoid remote jamming.
  • Remove detachable radios and the radio’s face when getting out of the car.
  • Take steps to fit an alarm and/or anti-theft device into your car. 

What are your thoughts on the increasing levels of crime? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.


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  1. This is really a challenge

    Kindly bring back mobile Police Stations that might of assistance to alliviate crime in our communities

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