Suspect arrested for Newcastle businessman’s brutal murder

Suspect arrested for Newcastle businessman's brutal murder, Newcastillian - Online News
"The suspect was arrested in Fouriesberg, close to the Lesotho border after the police received information on his whereabouts."

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The cold-blooded murder of a Chinese businessman in Stephenson Street on 19 December 2020 left the public in a state of shock. The man was attacked and killed by two of his employees, who viciously stabbed him to death. His body discovered a short time later by his daughter. 

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Following the incident, SAPS Corporate Communications and Liaison Officer, Lizzy Arumugam, confirmed the incident and pointed out the suspects hailed from Lesotho. Finally, a month later, police have made a breakthrough in the case with one suspect being arrested and charged for murder on Sunday, 17 January 2021.

He was arrested in Fouriesberg, close to the Lesotho border after the police received information on his whereabouts.

Arumugam adds, “The 24-year-old suspect was charged after his arrest and has since appeared in Newcastle Magistrate’s Court.” She highlights further investigations into the matter are still underway.

Andy Hsu, a Chinese community member, stresses that the community is hoping justice now prevails with one suspect in custody. “Crimes such as this destroys job creation. With the current economic climate and the number of job losses, we cannot see things worsen.”

Moreover, he stresses the Chinese community already fears for their safety. Especially when looking at the number of crimes perpetrated against them.

 “A number of factory owners are scared of both the pandemic and the escalating crime rate. A few have already closed their businesses and moved out of Newcastle because they believe things are getting worse.”

Therefore, he emphasises the community expects the legal proceedings to reflect the seriousness of the crime. What are your thoughts on the matter? 

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