Dr Burnard viciously attacked by dog in Arbor Park

"The Newcastle community’s thoughts and prayers are with Dr Burnie Burnard, a beloved obstetrician and gynaecologist within the town."

The Newcastle community’s thoughts and prayers are with Dr Burnie Burnard, a beloved obstetrician and gynaecologist within the town. This follows the doctor being viciously attacked by a dog on Tuesday afternoon, 15 December 2020 while Dr Burnard was taking a walk.

The incident took place at approximately 5 pm in Oak Street, Arbor Park. According to speculations from a source who wishes to remain anonymous, the dog in question has a violent history as it has allegedly bitten off another person’s finger.

Moreover, it is believed that the dog belongs to a municipal official. Although at this point in time, this allegation could not be confirmed at the time of publication.

Following the attack, the doctor was taken to the Mediclinic Newcastle Emergency Unit where he was stabilised and subsequently transferred to a private hospital in Durban—where he underwent emergency surgery.  At the moment his condition is stable.

Pixelfish Marketing and the Newcastillian – Online News extends its thoughts and prayers to both Dr Burnard and his family during this difficult time. 

Authors: Quinton Boucher and Calvin Swemmer

Edited: Calvin Swemmer


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18 Responses

  1. So many people tried to help ….and the owner called the dog and went into the house not even checking if the doc was ok …heartless and rude…the scene was horrific his flesh was torn off his arm and bone was visible …thoughts and prayers with you Doc u were so brave still taking the time to thank everyone for their help while u were in pain

    1. It was a very horrific scene indeed. As the ward cllr I was called to the scene and what I saw really bad. The way the dog had torn off his flesh, I honestly couldn’t believe it.
      With this I urge all dog owners to just please protect the community by making sure that their yards are secure enough to keep the dogs IN the yards.
      Wishing the Dr a well and speedy recovery. He is in our prayers as the community of Arbor Park.

  2. I am a GREAT Animal Lover, but NO ONE has the right to keep a vicious animal in liberty… Both the Owner & his Pet should be put to sleep… 🤬👹🤬👹🤬👹🤬

    1. I agree … disgusting and irresponsible to have a vicious dog like that. All should be put down … irresponsible owners and dog! This is an absolute tragedy and every day this dog is alive he is a risk to humans.

  3. Dr. Burnard has been such a great help to myself & family when my beloved husband passed away last month. Wishing him a speedy recovery. Pray that that vicious dog gets put to sleep and the owner made accountable.

  4. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Dr Burnard, whom is such amazing Dr. My you have a speedy recovery. Praying also for his family during this time.

  5. Here’s wishing Dr Burnard a speedy recovery. Our prayers and good wishes are with you and your family.

  6. This owner needs to be held accountable. Dogs aren’t born to be violent, owner’s train them to be violent.

  7. Ek hoop Dr is sommer weer vinnig op die been en aan die gang. Dink aan U en die familie♡

  8. Wow that’s really bad and my thoughts and prayers are with the good doctor, but guys please do remember that a dog only a reflection of its owners treatment. So if the dog is savage it’s because the owner has made him that way, and allowed that behavior, But there is still hope for the dog, not the owner for allowing his dog to become a monster.

  9. My prayers ar with the family and relatives but please don’t blame the dog ……no dog just becomes vicious for no reason….Put the damn owner to sleep he deserves it…..dog was made like this because of him!!!!

  10. The law enforcement should have taken action against the owner of the dog, just think if it was a child. Dr get well and and take legal action against the owner and let him pay and pay dearly.

  11. People who cannot keep their animals safe and contained in their yards should not be able to keep animals. They should have been arrested as this is a crime. Get well soon Doc.

  12. I pray God gives you strength and may his angels take care of those wounds so you may recover soon. God bless you with great health and fast healing.

  13. Glad Doc is recovering and are in good spirit. Get well soon and never give up hope. My prayers are with you and rhe family.

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