Golfers come to Esperanza Special Needs School’s rescue

"As a non-government funded school, Esperanza Special Needs School absorbed a massive loss due to the lockdown regulations."

The backlash of the past year has been more damaging for some than others. As a non-government funded school, Esperanza Special Needs School absorbed a massive loss due to the lockdown regulations. Jennifer Pillay, principal of the school, elaborates, “For this year, we had 65 children enrolled. But, due to schools being closed for so many months, we did not get school fees.”

Moreover, the school could not hold any fund-raising initiatives over recent months due to the COVID-19 situation. That is until Saturday, 12 December 2020, when Esperanza Special Needs school hosted its annual golf day.

Jennifer points out, “This golf day is important for us, as this is our first fund-raiser for the year. We really need the funds to help cover our rent.”

Golfers come to Esperenza Special Needs School’s rescue
Rochelle Panday, Lettesha Dubree and Jennifer Pillay of Esperanza Special Needs School.

As the school grapples with the financial challenges created in the wake of the pandemic, working hard to raise funds through initiatives such as the golf day—Jennifer clarifies the importance of the school, “Special needs children must interact with others, as well as do academic work, in order for them to develop and grow as individuals.”

With these youngsters finding solace in their school, their classmates and their educators, Esperanza Special Needs School undoubtedly require the assistance of the community.

Hearing the call for help, the Newcastle’s golfing community rallied together at the Newcastle Golf Club on Saturday.

Dick Lemmer, Karel Swanepoel, Dayl Byrom and Eric Wright.

Prior to the sudden rainfall, golfers were out and about in full force, socialising and proving their prowess on the fairway, all in the name of charity. 

With good festive cheer prevailing at the golf course, Newcastle’s golfers deserve a round of applause for their efforts in helping the school keep going.

Authors: Quinton Boucher and Calvin Swemmer

Edited: Calvin Swemmer

Dick Lemmer watches his ball make its way down the fairway.
Karel Swanepoel watches as his shot hits the mark.
Tony and Gareth Sharp with Gary Radford and JP van Rensburg.
Ben Chowles watches his ball soar into the distance.
Shane Noble, Ben Chowles, Hannes Liebenberg Jnr and Richard Clayton.
Johan Schreuder, Uppies Upton, Johan Jonker, Charl Coetsee, Robbie Niemann and Ian Sheville.
Alan Amosm Deon Pfeil, Willy Clayton and Leon Pienaar.


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