Ferrum High School and St Dominics Newcastle acknowledge top achievers

"Therefore in light of this, we highlight the outstanding achievements of students from two of Newcastle's premium schools, Ferrum High School and St Dominics Newcastle."

The past year has indeed seen learners and educators diversifying and evolving. Collectively, students have had to deal with the already present challenges the curriculum has to offer. But due to COVID-19, they have had to deal with a set of challenges no generation has faced before them; going to class and learning remotely amid a global pandemic.

Never-the-less, despite these mountainous challenges, Newcastle’s exceptional scholars outperformed and yielded extraordinary results. Therefore in light of this, we highlight the outstanding achievements of students from two of Newcastle’s premium schools, Ferrum High School and St Dominics Newcastle.

Recently, Ferrum High School held its academic prize giving, acknowledging the school’s top performers for the 2020 school year.
This year, the VEKA Trophy was awarded to Chané Nortje, while the Francois Wessels Trophy goes to Meraldi Brink.

Byran Wu clinched the ABSA trophy, while the Silverton Radiators Trophy went to Kwanda Ngwenya. The M.C. Lombard trophy goes to Kevin Chen, and Bongelethu Maseko secured the Dixon-Paver Trophy.

Moreover, the annual VENCO trophy was awarded to Thinus Louw, with the J Le Roux Trophy going to Eric de Wet. Shining brightly, Asande Ntshangase received the Mathematical Literacy Award. Carli Kwakernaak secured the Trevor Smith Trophy, as well as the Reino von Wielligh Trophy for Versatility.

Additionally, Len van Zyl received the Basson Trophy for Determination, while Zomusa Thango secured the trophy for Good Fellowship. Ruan Jansen van Vuuren was awarded the coveted title of Dux learner.

Celebrating its academic learners and their accolades, Ferrum High School has also announced it’s head boy and head girl, as well as the under-head boy and girl for both sports and culture.

With the academic year coming to an end, St Dominics Newcastle hosted a special bell-ringing ceremony, signifying the close of the school year, while bidding farewell to the outgoing Grade 12 learners.

During the school’s recent prize-giving, St Dominics Newcastle paid homage to each of its high school learners who persevered through the past year, as well as its top achievers.

The top three matriculants for the 2020 school year are; Nicole Downs, who obtained 90.6%, followed by Malaaika Siddique in second place with 89%, and coming in at third place is Omhle Zaca with 86.3%.

As St Dominics Newcastle prepares to conclude the school year, it is already making plans for the upcoming one—all of which will contribute to the school’s learners’ continued success.

Head of the High School division, Needha Hurrichand, explains that St Dominics will be turning 130 years old in 2021—this will note a series of positive changes including learners from Grade 10 to Grade 12 being able to select an eighth subject to add to their curriculum. The subject selection will include; French, Information Technology, Design Studies and Tourism. All of which, Hurrichand explains, will take place outside of school hours.

Executive Head of St Dominics Newcastle, Chad Moses elaborates on the developments, “These classes will offer learners more opportunities within the Curro Group, offering them the chance to grow and succeed.”
Additionally, Moses and Hurrichand explain the school is placing a large emphasis on its sports development, thereby enhancing growth in rugby, netball, hockey and cricket—with highly experienced coaches at the helm, ensuring said development.

Moses elaborates, “We are hosting successful sports clinics, such as our recent hockey clinic with Kim and Darren Hubach.”
Darren Hubach is a renowned hockey umpire, while Kim is known for her dominance on South African fields.
Additionally, Moses points out; it is also important to highlight that there is significant growth in the school’s pre-school and primary school sector, which all contribute to the learners’ development.
Hurrichand says, “As a school and institution, we are creating opportunities for our learners in all its facets.”

With both Ferrum High School and St Dominics Newcastle celebrating the end of the school year and bracing themselves for the new year, Pixelfish Marketing and The Newcastillian – Online News commends all the learners on their accomplishments.


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