Planning to emigrate from SA? Immigration consultant offers insight

Planning to emigrate from SA? Immigration consultant explains the process
"When emigrating, there are a particular series of challenges which emigrants face, including wading through red tape, making sense of all the legalities and keeping up to date with the latest immigration laws."

Long story short, there is no shortcut in the emigration process. Far too many South Africans throw good money away, trying to complete this colossal process on their own. Yes, we all know that one person or family who did it on their own, but in reality, this is a process you cannot roll the dice on.

Therefore to offer you professional guidance on emigrating, The Newcastillian – Online News discusses the matter with Breytenbachs Immigration Consultants Ltd, who offers expert advice and representation in relation to UK immigration law, UK visa applications, and UK visa reviews and appeals.

Looking at emigration, the company states Britain remains a popular emigration choice for South Africans, with them seeing about a 10% increase in the number of UK visa and permit applications over the last ten years.

When looking at emigrating, JP Breytenbach, Director of Breytenbachs Immigration Consultants Ltd., states, “South Africans are in the fortunate position that they are allowed to hold more than one nationality. They can thus hold both South African and British citizenship.”

However, Breytenbach says it is important to note, that one first has to apply to retain your SA citizenship before taking on any other nationality through naturalisation. He elaborates, “If a person fails to follow this process, they will automatically lose their South African citizenship. Furthermore, we have found that even if a person takes up a second nationality through direct descent, it is important to safeguard his/her SA nationality status. Proof can then be submitted when a newly issued SA passport is applied for, from outside South Africa as to avoid any difficulties when such applications are lodged.”

Moreover, when emigrating, there are a particular series of challenges which emigrants face, including wading through red tape, making sense of all the legalities and keeping up to date with the latest immigration laws.

So how does one keep up? What sites can people visit to learn more about emigration?

Breytenbach clarifies, “It is always best to rather obtain an immigration agent, to advise on immigration law, as it can be dangerous to seek advice from social media and unreliable websites. In terms of other aspects of emigration, there are a number of support groups on social media that one can search for specific countries and specific areas.”

Delineating as to why it is instrumental in working with an immigration agent. He highlights, “We help clients determine what is the best visa option in their specific circumstances and help plan the best route to citizenship. We prepare the visa application and deal with the relevant authorities. When a person’s circumstances or the immigration law changes in the time leading up to citizenship, we assist with alternative routes to citizenship, etc.”

This removes an immense amount of pressure while dramatically increasing your odds of immigration due to professionals handling the process and paperwork.

He says the company has found that people often try to submit applications themselves. Unfortunately, he explains, people tend to forget that the UK Home Office requires one to not only qualify for a visa or permit but more importantly, to prove it in a precise and accurate fashion. Pointing out where applicants come unravelled, Brytenbach says people fail to provide all of the correct evidence or, fail to provide proof to prove the facts thereof or do not meet with the Home Office’s particular evidential requirements.

“The effect is that the application is refused, and the client loses the Home Office application fee, which, nowadays, is extremely high. One also has to keep in mind that the UK immigration law changes on an almost daily basis.”

Furthermore, in the case of South African immigration applications, clients have to deal with a considerable amount of red tape from SA authorities. He emphasises, “Our consultants have years of experience in dealing with this and are in the best position to ensure a speedy and positive outcome.”

Therefore, using reliable immigrations agents are of the utmost importance, as they can ensure your emigration process runs smoother.

Here are five agencies to choose from:
  • Breytenbachs Immigration Consultants Ltd
  • Australian Migration Specialists
  • IMCOSA Immigration & Consulting
  • Visa Immigration
  • Strategies Migration Services

With Breytenbachs Immigration Consultants stressing the importance of working with an immigration consultant, would you consider leaving South Africa or do you intend on staying? Tell us why you want to go or stay in the comment section below.

Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Authors: Quinton Boucher and Calvin Swemmer

Edited: Calvin Swemmer


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