Sorry baby boomers, sales industry saved by Millennials

Sorry baby boomers, sales industry saved by Millennials - Newcastillian Online News
"The stats speak for themselves. We now live in a faceless society, whereby salespeople are not judged on their 40+ pitches a day..."
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As a professional salesperson, the only question I have for the business sector is why are you not investing your time and efforts into your Sales Division and the vast evolutions therein? Like every industry on the planet, the sales world and how we sell and think is changing. 

SME’s and corporates alike are having to adopt the changes in the sales industry and the authentic reality that due to both marketing and sales now being more intertwined than ever before results in those not versed in current systems, digital requirements and psychological changes, losing out on a grand scale. 

Baby boomers, due to being more rigged in their approach and ignoring the mass changes, are giving way to a tech-savvy, research-driven group of Millennials—and when looking at the stats, it is clear that the older generation needs to get with the program.

According to an article on 99firms.com, “Top-performing millennials in the sales industry are 73% more likely to work very closely with marketing than Baby Boomers. Additionally, “Sales stats show that millennial sales pros are more willing to break convention. This includes building a close relationship with the marketing team in their organizations. Gen X salespeople meanwhile are 23% less likely than millennials to work with marketing. In keeping with this tight-knit relationship, millennials say they see excellent leads from marketing at 56% higher rates than Gen X salespeople and 115% higher rates than Baby Boomers.”

Furthermore, “In 2018, 46% more millennials exceeded their previous year’s projected revenue by 50+% compared to Baby Boomers. Whereby, the positive result of greater use of sales technology and closer relations with marketing is clearly showing.”

The stats speak for themselves. We now live in a faceless society, whereby salespeople are not judged on their 40+ pitches a day, but rather understanding a prospective client, the digital requirements within the industry and how to work hand in hand with marketing to achieve a collective goal. 

In conclusion, your sales process is now found on a screen and not on a pile of dirty, coffee-stained call sheets. It is now married with marketing (which is a world in its own), is intense and in-depth but most importantly is unavoidable.

Source: https://99firms.com/blog/sales-statistics/#gref 

Author: Calvin Swemmer


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