Two house burglars caught in Rider Haggard Avenue, Newcastle

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"Two thieves’ dreams of escaping with their morning’s haul were short-lived, due to the diligence of Newcastle SAPS and Newcastle K9 Unit."

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Two thieves’ dreams of escaping with their morning’s haul were short-lived, due to the diligence of Newcastle SAPS and Newcastle K9 Unit.

Earlier today, 12 November 2020, the two men broke into a home situated in Rider Haggard Avenue, Pioneer Park. They stole several items, which included clothing, a large flat-screen television and even a wheelbarrow.

Not wanting to be seen by neighbours, the men hid the items under cover of a nearby bush—It was then that things went desperately wrong for the two burglars.

According to a police source, the two criminals were spotted by the homeowners, and a chase then ensued on foot, with one of the suspects managing to escape. Seeing Lady Luck lean on the side of justice, as the second suspect was trying to escape, running towards the taxi rank, two police officers on patrol saw the man fleeing from his pursuers.

When stopping the pursuers, the police found out what happened. They then gave chase and managed to apprehend the suspect, who was found with two knives on his possession.

The SAPS then took him back to the scene of the crime, whereby the perpetrator proceeded to show the officers where the stolen items were hidden. Now with the wheels of justice in motion, things took an even more bizarre turn. The police managed to persuade the suspect to phone his partner to establish where he was. A meeting was arranged between them, only for the first suspect to find the police waiting for him with open handcuffs.

While the two men are now set to face the consequences of their actions, Newcastillians are urged to be alert.

Newcastle SAPS Corporate Communications and Liaison Officer, Lizzy Arumugam points out, “House breakings are taking place in all areas of Newcastle. Due to them being scattered, people need to start being vigilant.”

Moreover, with the festive season approaching at a rapid pace and mass job losses, Arumugam adds that one needs to prepare themselves against any form of criminal attack.

Tips for Newcastillian, Arumugam says, include the following:

  • Do not leave your home’s windows, doors or garages open.
  • Never leave any keys in the gate or lock, or under the mat, pot plant or in the post box.
  • Do not leave expensive or attractive items lying around the garden.
  • Keep cash and valuables in banks or safes.
  • Put house lights on when out late, as good lighting can deter a thief.
  • Install a burglar alarm and test it regularly.
  • Keep your cellphone in the bedroom.
  • Remember outside lights that are on during the day draw the attention of thieves.
  • Mail left in the gate is also a high sign that nobody is home. Get a friend or neighbour to keep an eye on your property and remove mail.
  • Never open the door automatically when the doorbell rings or if someone knocks. Make sure the person wanting to enter is expected.
  • Be on the lookout for persons loitering at the entrance, vehicles stopping when you slow down or anything unusual at your home.

Arumugam says it is essential to point out, that thieves have on occasion been known to pose as police members. You can identify a police member in the following ways:

  • Police officers must carry an identification card stating their name, rank, service number and photograph.
  • If in uniform, the officer will wear a nameplate on the badge, as well as epaulettes indicating rank.
  • Officers may also be requested to identify themselves with their identification cards (known as appointment certificates in the SAPS).

Be sure to follow these simple steps and keep you and your family safe this coming holiday season.

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3 Responses

  1. We were robbed on sunday morning around 12 am to 3 am,

    Guys came over a neighbor’s brightly lit yard to get into my yard, they broke into our kitchen next to my childrens room with the wife and kids asleep and curtain open they watched, they proceeded to break our security bars under a light outside and entered our house , they were no more than 5 meters from my room and doors open. These guys were not afraid of being caught! We now do not even have a detective on our case, but rather a constable, this happened on sunday, with numerous attempts to get help, we only had our prints taken yesterday.

    We returned from Ireland in January, this is disgusting behaviour by thr police, as this is a serious issue, it was not justba robbery… This was a house invasion. We have two small sons and my wife is heavily pregnant, we are lucky at this point, the wife woke up after putting our sons to sleep and went to the bathroom instead of the kitchen, this scared them to jump out the window.

    The justice system here is disgustung,
    Police in ireland have no guns yet are able to track down serial killers, rapists, even deranged murderer’s, because they put the time and resources into fighting crime!

    Here? I asked what investigations have been completed 4 days later. We are still waiting for fingerprints……

  2. Hi, we just bought a house in this area, we are currently based outside Kzn province there for not really familiar with Newcastle although my husband grow up around there but hasn’t really stayed there for a while. We have not even move in the house yet but reading this scares me already. Seems robbery or house breaking is a familiar scene in this area. What also scared me I have now noticed lots of houses being sold from piooner park does that have anything with safety in the area

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