Ferrum High School’s Deputy and Coach discuss new positive developments

Ferrum High School, AstroTurf, Newcastillian, Hockey, Newcastle
"To ensure Ferrum High's AstroTurf is in a league of its own, the school is pulling out all the stops."

When it comes to expansion, Ferrum High School is taking leaping strides in the pursuit of sporting progress.

Earlier this year, the high school completed the construction of its AstroTurf—a feature which will play an essential role in further developing the school’s proud hockey heritage.

Giving Newcastillians a rundown on the developments is Ferrum High School Hockey Coach, Dean Bond, who elaborates in saying, “As a school, it is instrumental for us to keep up with the latest sporting and hockey trends. Currently, most schools are now switching to AstroTurfs.” The reason for this, he explains, is due to the fact that AstroTurfs offer a faster-paced game of hockey while creating a safer playing field.

He continues in pointing out, “When playing on a grass field, you never know when a ball is going to bounce and possibly hit someone in the face. With the AstroTurf, the ground is smoother and allows players to focus more on their game.”

Hockey, AstroTurf, Newcastle, Ferrum High School, Newcastillian

Deputy Principal of Ferrum High School, Hannes Strauss, concurs with Bond in the importance of keeping up to date with the latest sporting developments.

Strauss highlights that Ferrum keeps a close eye on sporting developments from around the world and within the country.

Pointing out that most schools in KZN currently have AstroTurfs. Therefore, he stresses, “If we want to be able to compete, we must be able to prepare our players for the necessary conditions. Which is why getting an AstroTurf was important.”

Furthermore, by acquiring a state-of-the-art AstroTurf, Strauss highlights the school will be able to draw the best school-going hockey players to Ferrum High School. He adds, “If these players have brothers or sisters who are also active sports players, they, in turn, will also be drawn to the school and enhance all sports codes within Ferrum High.”

To ensure Ferrum High’s AstroTurf is in a league of its own, the school is pulling out all the stops. Bond points out the school will be erecting a video tower. “The tower was donated to us by a businessman, and it will help the teams from a technical aspect. After games, we will be able to sit with the players and watch the games again, to establish where we can improve.”

With the AstroTurf offering the school’s hockey players the time to flourish, Bond states a series of leagues and tournaments are lined up for the coming year—comprising of both school tournaments and business leagues.

As Ferrum High School prepares to dominate the hockey sector, the Newcastle community and business sector have the opportunity to get involved.

Bond explains several companies have started putting up signage to advertise their businesses around the Astro Turf’s perimeter fencing, while others have bought a plot which sees plagues sporting their names or business names.

Ferrum High School, Hockey, Newcastillian, AstroTurf, Newcastle

Funds raised through these two initiatives contribute to the High school gaining new ground in the sporting world.

And in the spirit of development, Ferrum High School is not the only school looking at enhancing its sports curriculum. St Dominics Newcastle will also be seeing exciting changes—this as the school not only welcomes rugby to their sports fields but a highly experienced coach within the ruby world. The Newcastillian – Online News will be revealing this remarkable man’s identity and what’s to come within the week, so be sure to look out for the announcement.

As St Dominics Newcastle prepares for the new journey in rugby, Strauss affirms Ferrum High School is looking forward to St Dominics Newcastle’s latest offering and coach.

As a school who is known for its strong rugby team, Strauss points out that the impending appointment at St Dominics allows Ferrum High’s rugby teams to better themselves. Stating, “It is always good to have healthy competition, as it ensures we don’t rest on our laurels.”

Well done to Ferrum High School for ensuring it maintains a level of professionalism while promoting healthy competition through constructive physical education.

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Authors: Quinton Boucher and Calvin Swemmer

Edited: Calvin Swemmer


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