Opinion: You need to get punched in the face, let me tell you why

"Today in all our evolutionary glory, furthered by our celebrated and created social media lives—we have all but lost our "Human" in human being."

Between 1830 and 1860, at least 80 incidences of physical violence were noted on the floor of the US Congress, this saw grown, educated men brawling each other to make a point. Once upon a time we were not scared, we were not limited to the fears and doubts of our physical abilities and therefore did not hide behind our screens or attorneys, using big words but never to the person’s face. 

Now yes, you have read many times how soft humankind has become, and I am pretty sure you agree with why it was essential for us to evolve and become more dignified in our approach. The problem is, we are most certainly less noble and dignified than previous generations in terms of social decorum and self-worth. We are fear-driven which has over time resulted in a weird collection of emotional people, who have slid down the ethics pole, not up, and this is why: 

Firstly, to attack is a skill built into your DNA—it is an art hidden deep within every animal for the very same reason, to defend or claim. But suppose over time, you justify your ego and opinions without ever being humbled or challenged. In this case, there is never room for improvement, you are never brought back down to earth to reassess or readjust—which would empower you with the ability to develop yourself and by extension those you influence. 

Or better yet, your frustrations build every day, like a glass slowly filling as you feel helpless in your pursuits or persuasions either in your career, business and even country. This builds and builds, until the point whereby you find yourself being a real Karen, screaming at waiters or throwing your financial status around to feel better about yourself.

How is this better behaviour or a more advanced medium in which to express oneself?

Depression is higher than ever, people are literally killing themselves on a scale which is so preposterous it is considered a true global pandemic. Affirming this point, according to WHO (World Health Organisation), suicide is among the 3 leading causes of death on the planet—but apparently, we are moving in the right direction.

For those who have been punched or better yet, have been in a good old fashioned dust-up, will be able to attest to the tremendous amount of focus your brain enters when a fight begins, and the pure feeling of empowerment after the fight—a sense which has pulsed through our species for millennia, comes over you. You are not scared anymore, you feel relaxed, and most importantly, you hold the person you just fought in higher regard. 

When we fought as children, it strengthened our relationships as summed up by Cameron Conaway, who stated, “Fights begin and end with handshakes.” It made us realise that people are just people and we are all allowed to hold an opinion, express that very same opinion and if you have character, defend it at all costs and not behind a screen. This adversely meant that people like you and I chose wisely before committing to an opinion or getting involved in other peoples business, as there was a genuine possibility of it getting physical. Thus, as my Grandmother would say, “you would mind your manners and keep your nose out”.

Today in all our evolutionary glory, furthered by our celebrated and created social media lives—we have all but lost our “Human” in human being. 

To be hit in the face teaches you many things, one, you are not made of glass and two, you dare to defend or claim. 

Now before an overbearing pacifist tells me why naughty corners and freedom of speech are pivitol or that punching each other is most certainly not the solution. Then just maybe read more into what I am saying and not be a true Karen and call the manager without understanding. I’m in no way saying that you must go walk around and punch people, what I am implying is behave like a human with standards and uphold what you believe in. 

Regardless of nationality, culture or race, we are all just people made of flesh and bone which are all, despite life’s challenges, merely trying to survive and with enough courage and luck will hopefully prosper. 

But if we continue to descend into opinion-based, rage driven open-ended, verbal abuse styled anarchy with no recourse, except for lawsuits, please tell me and the thousands reading this how better to save our species from itself….in the comments section below?

Authored and Edited by Calvin Swemmer


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