Blood bank numbers saved as Mediclinic Newcastle assists with successful blood drive initiative

Siphesihle Tshabala, Mediclinic Newcastillian, SANBS, blood donations
While the donations have assisted tremendously, SANBS is still short of the ideal seven day supply.
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Valuable lessons have come to light in recent months. None more important than the need for the spirit of uBuntu—the necessity for kindness, compassion and humanity.

On Friday, 23 October 2020, Mediclinic Newcastle took action, bringing the lives of others to the forefront—this followed the South African National Blood Services (SANBS) holding a blood clinic at the private hospital. An initiative which saw Mediclinic Newcastle staff rallying together for the welfare of others.

Offering some insight on the importance of donating blood, Siphesihle Tshabala, a blood donor, elaborates, “In 2010, my mother needed ten units of blood, and there was difficulty in getting the blood. Since that day, I started donating blood.”

Siphesihle Tshabala, Mediclinic Newcastillian, SANBS, blood donations
Nqobile Shabalala prepares Siphesihle Tshabala for the blood donation process.

While she has valid reasons for donating blood, why should everyone else? Siphesihle says, “I would encourage others to donate blood because you never know when you might need it.”

Additionally, Albert Bakker says, “I donate blood in order to be part of a movement in saving lives.”

Angela McDonald explained Friday marked the first time she had donated blood. Going on to say her decision to step up to the challenge is a simple one. Angela explains, “I decided to donate blood in order to save lives.”

Angela McDonald, Mediclinic Newcastillian, SANBS, blood donors
Angela McDonald stands at the ready to donate blood.

Discussing the concerns surrounding the shortage of blood, Shavani Sewpaul of SANBS states, “At the beginning of October, we had just over one day’s supply and after that started appealing to the community, businesses and schools. We were helped by businesses such as Mediclinic Newcastle to increase the blood supply to the current 4.4 days.” 

While the donations have assisted tremendously, Shavani affirms SANBS is still short of the ideal seven day supply. Therefore, people are encouraged to continue or start donating blood.

To meet the demand, SANBS needs to collect 3 000 units of blood per day, therefore donate blood as you could save a life. 

Author: Quinton Boucher

Edited: Calvin Swemmer

Albert Bakker, SANBS, Mediclinic Newcastle, Newcastillian
Albert Bakker prepares to donate blood.
Xoli, Newcastillian, Mediclinic Newcastle, Newcastillian, SANBS
Xoli Sibeko does her part at the blood drive.


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