Winning teacher of R1000 voucher announced plus Mount Richmore and Ferrum High celebrate Teacher’s Day

Louise Campher, teacher, Newcastillian

The Newcastillian – Online News, now a thriving, large news brand, once was a concept launched on the back of a school’s based product called, Newcastle School Times. 

This quaint yet well-received publication was not only the beginning of a new era in local media—but at the same time, the ignition of an entrenched involvement and deep-seated relationship with an array of schools and institutions.

Therefore, in honour of the education sector and of course, teachers, the Newcastillian – Online News recently put forward a challenge to you our readers. A challenge to highlight your favourite local educator through nominating them on Facebook to stand the chance of winning a clothing gift voucher worth R1 000—compliments of the Newcastillian – Online News.

In true Newcastillian spirit, the votes came pouring in, yet as with most things in life, there could only be one winner. 

Louise Campher, a teacher at Klein Spoortjies Pre-Primary School in Newcastle, received the most love, and clearly is an educator who brings something unique to the classroom.

Louise Campher, teacher, Newcastillian

Just some insight on our winner; Louise has been a teacher for just over eight years, enjoying every minute of her career. She enthuses, “Teaching is the most rewarding career. All the hugs and kisses you get, truly makes it worthwhile.”

Delving more into the topic, she explains what an honour it is, being able to create a positive impact in the lives of her learners, as well as her parents.

Being voted as one of the most popular teachers in the area, Louise says she has been left in awe. “I feel so special.”

In the spirit of celebration, World Teacher’s Day is held annually on 5 October, the day focuses on providing the world with a better understanding of teachers and the commanding role they play in the development of students and society as a whole.  

Celebrating World Teacher’s Day, Ferrum High School in Newcastle showcased their appreciation for the unwavering and dedicated volume of time, energy and love each and every teacher puts into their work.

Ferrum High School, Newcastillian, World Teacher's Day
Dean Bond of Ferrum High School enjoying the day with one of the school’s learners.

Using this opportunity to thank their teachers for the endless dedication and selfless efforts, the Ferrum High School staff enjoyed a morning where all focus was placed on their cherished educators.

World Teacher's Day, Ferrum High School, NewcastillianWorld Teacher's Day, Ferrum High School, Newcastillian
Ferrum High School’s headmaster Charmaine Myburgh celebrating World Teacher’s Day with one of the school’s teachers.

Committed to showing their love and more importantly, appreciation for their teachers, Curro Mount Richmore in Salt Rock, Ballito—asked the team of educators to dress up as something which started with the first letter of their name, on the day. Sporting a prismatic collection of colours and concepts, learners and teachers truly soaked up the essence of the day.

Natasha McCann, Mount Richmore, Newcastillian, Teachers
Natasha McCann dressed as Nature.

However, two highly-creative teachers stood out from the crowd, Natasha McCann (dressed as Nature) and Charlotte Jacobs (toting a Christmas outfit) were declared the winners.

Charlotte Jacobs, teachers, Newcastillian, Mount Richmore
Mount Richmore’s Charlotte Jacobs on World Teacher’s Day.

With teachers playing a pivotal role in children’s lives, Pixelfish Marketing and the Newcastillian – Online News salutes each and every single educator’s efforts. Your work and care have not gone unnoticed!

Authors: Quinton Boucher and Calvin Swemmer

Edited: Calvin Swemmer


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