Stats confirm more black people are emigrating than white people in South Africa — This is why

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No more can we debate the reality; South Africa is at a tipping point. She fought hard and well, but the overwhelming political aggression and deflated economy have mutated the country into a divided, venomous-nonsensical battleground with no end in sight.

Being soaked in rage and motivated through ever-developing opinions from frustrated people, with exclusion being the champion of the time and crime being a ludicrous, ever-present reality—sees thousands of South Africans, of all races, fleeing the country like never before.

In September 2020, a global citizenship and residence advisory firm based in London, Henley and Partners, noted, the volatility driven by COVID-19 has changed the way people view their futures in their respective countries.

Henley & Partners CEO Dr Jureg Steffen explains, “The tumultuous events of 2020, including the unplanned pause during the Great Lockdown, have resulted in people from all walks of life re-evaluating their circumstances and reconsidering how they wish to conduct their lives and — for those fortunate enough — choosing where they want to live by opting for investment migration.” Henley & Partners found there was a massive spike of 48% in enquiries from South Africans wanting to leave the country.

Contributing to the topic, in February of this year, the removals firm Elliot Mobility said it noticed growing numbers of people moving overseas in 2019. During 2019, the group facilitated a staggering 2 500 moves abroad from South Africa. (And this was before the infamous 2020 struck).

The most common destinations, according to Elliott Mobility, include:

  • New Zealand
  • The United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • USA
  • Germany
  • Switzerland

Looking at the reasons as to why South Africans are leaving, Elliot Mobility said most people cited poor economic conditions in the country to be the most significant reason. The lower crime rates, better job opportunities and better education were also crucial factors.

In fact, statistics reveal a 70% increase in enquiries on the process of immigration. This is according to immigration experts Sable International, who said they have seen a 45% increase in completed emigrations over the past year.

A common misconception is that emigration is more prevalent among white South Africans—but this does not seem to be the case.

In August 2019, Trevor Thomas, a director at Induku Consulting Group, told Traveller24 this myth had been debunked. He says the number of black emigrants exceeds the tally of white people leaving the country.

Adding this is a significant cause of concern, as the bulk of emigrating South Africans are skilled workers. Professionals who are proficient in their respective fields. It has reached such a level, that Thomas claimed for every professional immigrating to SA, there are eight professionals leaving!

This results in a country with an immense shortage of much-needed professionals. Furthermore, Johannes Wessels of Enterprise Observatory of South Africa (EOSA) emphasised the economy was the most significant driver, as was the high levels of crime. This, he said, made it difficult for professionals to contribute to their communities and just as tricky for businesses to continue operating.

Another issue is BEE. Wessels states that over ten years ago, Professor Ricardo Hausmann, an advisor to former president Thabo Mbeki, recommended BEE be revised. This is due to the fact it was viewed as anti-growth, and SA could not afford to continue losing more professions.

However, the government continues to push the new BBBEE regulations into place. Why are more black people leaving the country which is pro-black? Why are people so dissatisfied in the running of South Africa?

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Authors: Quinton Boucher & Calvin Swemmer

Edited: Calvin Swemmer


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